Blackberry 7 named most secure

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What are the advantages of RIM's Blackberry 7 in terms of security against other smartphones?

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Blackberry 7 named most secure


Trend Micro accessed all mobile operating systems for security features and BlackBerry 7 came out to be on top.

They assessed things like data protection and authentication.

The results are:

1. Blackberry 7

2. iOS 5

3. Windows Phone 7.5

4. Android 2.3

The results show that blackberry 7 is the most reliable mobile operating system for corporate world.

There are features in blackberry which other mobile platforms lack like, deleting of all data if wrong password is entered too many (user selectable) times. There are automatic tools that prevent the installation of apps that could turn out to be harmful for the device. Users can decide what apps have what level of access to device.

I phone needs tools made by other companies to secure it considerably.

Whereas android had a lot of security weaknesses. Although there are new versions for android, but 2.3 is the most widely used version at the time, and that is why this version was assessed by Trend Micro.

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Blackberry 7 named most secure


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