Downloading software applications and ringtones on my Blackberry

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I am being charged extra for downloading software applications and ringtones on my Blackberry.

Why is this so?

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Downloading software applications and ringtones on my Blackberry


Hallo Demar Livingston,

The reason you are being charged for downloading software applications and ringtones on your blackberry is because those applications take a lot of bandwidth and therefore you are charged more higher as compared to the normal surfing.

Especially when the applications or ringtones are too big, then you will be charged more money, as the bill goes for as long as the download will take.

The second reason why you may be charged for downloading the applications and ringtones is because you are downloading from sites that charge for downloading applications from them.

You could instead try downloading from sites that offer you free downloads or freeware as they call them.


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Downloading software applications and ringtones on my Blackberry


I think you are not aware about different charges that may occur while using your Smartphone and it doesn’t only apply to BlackBerry phones but to other Smartphones as well. I’m sure you are already aware about the charge made for every text and phone call you made from your BlackBerry Smartphone. Besides that, you are also charged for the amount of data you used while browsing the internet with your Smartphone. Data plans are set on mobile phones so you can use it to browse the internet and it is similar as with the cabled internet on personal computers.

ISPs set a specific amount of bandwidth for every plan they offer. In internet usage, bandwidth is the total amount of data consumed or transferred by the user from a remote host to his device and vice versa either by uploading or downloading. Every bandwidth set on every plan covers 1 month of usage and if you subscribed for, let’s say 1 year, every month will have the same amount of bandwidth and this goes for the whole year of the subscription period. If the bandwidth is not totally consumed, the remaining amount will not be carried on the succeeding month and will be forfeited.

Now, in case you exceeded on the supposed amount of bandwidth, you will pay extra for the amount of bandwidth that exceeded your plan. And this is the reason why you are being charged extra after downloading some software via your BlackBerry Smartphone. To avoid this from happening in the future, be sure to monitor your phone’s data usage. For ordinary internet users like you, exceeding the bandwidth doesn’t usually cause any problems in the connection besides having extra charges.

But for website owners, exceeding the bandwidth is totally a different story. When a website has exceeded its overall bandwidth, it gets cut off and no user can access the site. The connection will only resume the following month. In websites, the bandwidth is determined by the total amount of information or data requested by the users visiting the site. When a user visits or enters the site, it already consumes bandwidth. When the user browses the site and access different pages on the site, it consumes another bandwidth. And when he or she downloaded some files from the site, this greatly adds to the amount of bandwidth used.

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