Application Net-rim-bb-phone-app (63): Blackberry bold 9650

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Hi, my blackberry bold 9650 shows the succeeding message when I try to rewrite the address book associates details or using my current concept program:

Application Net-rim-bb-phone-app (63)

The monitor is frozen and one technique I’ve discovered on how to get rid of this is to press down the list of the control keys and to select back to the monitor display.  But I need to fix this or remove the message because it is annoying.
Please help.

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Application Net-rim-bb-phone-app (63): Blackberry bold 9650



This error mainly occurs because the phone database may have been corrupted. This is not only for the corrupted address book but this procedure can be used even in case if the application in the phone, call logs and also messages are corrupted.  This phone database corruption can be solved easily by following these simple steps:

1.       Start your Blackberry desktop and then connect your phone.

2.       Click the backup and restore.

3.       Click advanced option in the blackberry desktop.

4.       In the right window, scroll down to address book and select it.

5.       Click the clear button.

This procedure will help to solve any issue regarding phone database corruption.

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Application Net-rim-bb-phone-app (63): Blackberry bold 9650


You need the latest OS file from Verizon for the 9530 and for that you need to surf a little. You just need to download that and then you can install on your model. Once you have installed, you will find that the above problem is gone. Hope this solves your problem.

Else, you might need to wipe out that device and then reload the same software that is on that device. You will be seeing message that you do not need to upgrade. Use JL_Cmder and then try to reload the OS again. Hope this solves your problem.

Both of these can be a solution to your problem.

Waters Magner

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