Being A Gamer, I Face 0x00000d1 Tcpip Sys Error Message

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What is the 0x00000d1 Tcpip sys error? Describe the cause of the error and explain various steps to fix the error and also attach a snapshot of the error.

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Being A Gamer, I Face 0x00000d1 Tcpip Sys Error Message


When the driver wants to access the page, and the address of the page is invalid while the IRQL was too high, then the error is known as 0x00000d1 Tcpip sys error. When the driver has the improper address of the page, then the error occurs.

TCPIP.sys is the Windows Operating System component, which means anything else drove in into fault.

The steps to fix 0x00000d1 error as follows :

• Run the Blue Screen Troubleshooter

It will help to identify and fix general causes behind blue screen errors and then restart the system once the process has been executed.

• Reset TCP/IP

We could reset TCP/IP just in case they have been modified. Go to the command prompt in the Windows search bar and then right-click on the option. Select run as administrator. Click on enter to execute it, and don’t forget to restart your system once the process has been executed.

• Update Network Card Drivers

Press Win + R to open the Run Window. To open device manager, click on Enter by typing devmgmt.msc. Expand the Network Adapter list. For each driver’s individually select Update driver. Once the Drivers have updated, restart the system.

• Disable third-party anti-virus

The third-party anti-virus should be disabled because it interrupts the function causes many in a system error.

This error is caused by the network drivers and the primary solution is to update the network drivers. The snapshot of the error is shown below:

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