100% CPU Load with dbntsrv.exe

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My UnifiySQL base is running at a very high CPU load but I don't have any process running. Here is  what I did before it happened: 

I just installed SP2 in place of  SQL Base 11.5 SP1.

Deactivated SQL Service and Resource Manager service

Closed the GUI and restarted my Windows Server

And just after that, the dbntsrv.exe process just went to 100% even without any connection. 


What can I do to solve this problem?

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100% CPU Load with dbntsrv.exe


Hi Alden,

First of all, the process you see is not a virus of any kind, it us a running process for an SQL Program.

Sad to say, but it seems your system encountered an error when you changed Service Packs.

Provided that your problem does seem to be to general, there are various solutions that you may try. I'll start with the simplest solution, if it does not work, proceed to the next one.

Please note that fair knowledge in windows system is needed for this. I'm assuming you are knowledgeable as you’re looking into this type of stuff.

Solutions to your issue:

Reboot your System. If it still persists, proceed below;

Re-open Task Manager and end that process. That should free up your memory usage.

Now, does it keep coming back? it means there is an application that is currently running which is using SQL. Uninstall all applications that are SQL Related. Re-install them.

Does it only come back after rebooting? This means the application using SQL is configured to run during startup. Go to Start -> Run -> type msconfig -> go to startup tab -> un-check all applications that are using SQL. -> reboot computer

If it still does not work or if any of the steps provided above gives you a pops-up message saying that you cannot proceed for some reason; then I'm afraid you have an error in your registry.

You may want to consult steps on how to repair the registry that was corrupted. I cannot provide a guide for this as my knowledge in registry editing is quite limited.

Thanks Alden, hope this was of some help.

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100% CPU Load with dbntsrv.exe




Your file has been infected with a virus. So you need to remove this completely.

First you have to run your antivirus program and scan all the system. It will detect the virus if you update your virus definition of your antivirus software.  Then your antivirus software cleans your computer. After that you have to remove completely the associated program. Then you can install it again.

Note : Keep your antivirus software up to date.

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