Unify SQLBase

Unify SQLBase

What is the 0x00000d1 Tcpip sys error? Describe the cause of the error and explain various steps to fix the error and also attach a snapshot of the error.

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When I was doing my project in SQL command, there is a confusion arisen that what is the difference between In and Exists in SQL. When to use what?

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I am doing a project related to SQL. I am stuck with the problem of how to find the difference between two dates in SQL. Which commands to use?

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I use SQLite 3 to build an encrypted database. But when I try to open the database with a browser, an error message appears and it says that the file is not a SQLite 3 Database.

Please find the below screenshot for your reference.

Could anyone suggest some solutions please?

Thank you very much.

File is not a SQLite 3 Database

SQLite Database Browser

An error occurred: File is not a SQLite 3 Database


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Techyv! I need help with SQL. Some guide here on how to filter the data that did not match any records. It will be a great help guys! Thanks so much in advance.

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I already have a database using Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

I need to program the dataset to retrieve data using SQL server with an application in desktop.

Can it support code samples for Visual Basic?

Can I use the dataset in Microsoft Windows mobile?

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We are trying to install ConfigMgr 2012 on a primary site and this scenario is giving errors. An SQL named instance is supported by ConfigMgr which a known fact. Then there should not be any errors.


Could not connect or execute SQL query. Click the view Log button for more information.

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My UnifiySQL base is running at a very high CPU load but I don't have any process running. Here is  what I did before it happened: 

I just installed SP2 in place of  SQL Base 11.5 SP1.

Deactivated SQL Service and Resource Manager service

Closed the GUI and restarted my Windows Server

And just after that, the dbntsrv.exe process just went to 100% even without any connection. 


What can I do to solve this problem?

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Hello everyone

Can anyone tell me what are the DDL and DML commands Unify SQL Base supports? What are the Data Types and Bind Variables in Unify SQL Base?


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What is the difference between InnoDB and MyISAM table types and how can I choose among the best in different situations? Is it possible to use the both MyISAM and InnoDB table types in a single database?

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