Data Types supported by Unify SQL Base

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Hello everyone

Can anyone tell me what are the DDL and DML commands Unify SQL Base supports? What are the Data Types and Bind Variables in Unify SQL Base?


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Data Types supported by Unify SQL Base


Hello Alden,


The SQLBase JDBC Driver is therefore both thin and portable.


The SQLBase JDBC driver supports applications written using JDBC 1.3.1 and higher. It is a Type 4 Driver according to the classification published by Javasoft, meaning that it is a native-protocol driver which translates JDBC calls into the network TCP/IP protocol used by the database server, requiring no additional middle layer components of either the client or the server. The SQLBase JDBC Driver was designed to access relational database over the Internet or an Intranet. It currently supports common DDL and DML operations.



The developers can construct Java applications that connect to SQLBase databases on either local or remote machines, using SQLBase's existing TCP/IP protocol support or make Java applets that attach to remote SQLBase databases occupant on Web Servers.


I hope this information helps.


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