Battery draining problem with my smartphone LG G2

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Two weeks before I purchased smartphone LG G2.  It was amazing and worked very well since yesterday.

But yesterday night I noticed that the battery status was showing 90%. After I woke up in the morning, I checked that the battery is shown at 5%. I got surprised. Because in my mobile I didn't add any applications except local weather and no other application running. I don't even have Wi-Fi at my home. I don't understand what might be the problem here.

Could someone figure out what is the issue with my phone? Thanks in advance for any help.

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Battery draining problem with my smartphone LG G2


This is a common problem with the LG G2. Unfortunately, you must wait for the LG team to release an update for their phone.

Usually, things like this happen whenever the system kernel is utilized continuously by the smartphone. The kernel is the database of the Android operating system, and it will be utilized every time a new change will occur to the phone's actual settings. But there is no way to alter the kernel or reduce it's constant utilization.

A simple solution for the time being would be this:

1. Open up the Google Now app from the phone.

2. From there, click on Menu Settings, and then Voice, and then turn off the "OK Google" detection. This feature runs all the time listening through the microphone for the hotword.

3. After this, go to the phone's Settings menu and select Location, then select the Location Mode to save battery, not improve accuracy. This will use less resources and it will reduce your battery consumption.

And last but not least, do not forget to deactivate any Wi-Fi or Mobile Data options every time you finished using the internet.

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