Got an error while playing with PS3

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Dear Experts,

I tried playing with an unearthed and old PS3 when I got this error message.  I searched the internet and learned that it was an old error and not sure if it was resolved.  I got tired of searching for solutions so I turned to this forum hoping that an expert would help me fix the problem. 

Please help.  Thanks in advance.

An error has occurred.  You have been signed out of PlayStation®Network.


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Got an error while playing with PS3


Regarding this problem I also did explored the net much and find out that same error take Playstation down on 28 February 2010. Source:

It seems the network or server is down again for maintenance or may be for serious issues. For those who are worried about this like you that it's a problem with your console, this should put you at ease that it is a server error. So don’t freak out and just report it to its support center. All you need is to keep patience and keep trying until the concerned authorities fix this problem.

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Got an error while playing with PS3


In Sony PlayStation 3, error code “8001050F” refers to a problem with the PlayStation 3 system. If you receive this message when trying to load a PlayStation 3 game disc, try ejecting the disc then insert it again. Make sure the disc’s surface is clean and free from dirt or scratches.

Try wiping the surface of the disc with a soft clean cloth before inserting it back to the game console. See if this works. If this doesn’t work, eject the disc and try loading a different disc then see if it works. If the second disc works, the first disc might have a problem.

If you receive the error when trying to read save data, delete the save data then try saving again. If you receive the error when trying to read trophy data, you need to contact Customer Support by visiting If you receive the error when trying to log in to the PlayStation Network, go to to learn if the PlayStation Network is currently under maintenance.

If the PlayStation Network is under maintenance and not available, try connecting again at a later time.

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