My computer cannot read my SD Card

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My Toshiba laptop is equipped with a Multiple Digital Media Card Slot. I can use SD/ SDHC/ Memory stick/ Memory Stick Pro, MMC/ xD Memory Cards on it with appropriate capacities.

But lately, when I try to transfer some pictures from my Sony Digicam, I inserted a Sandisk adapter to the slot with the memory card inside it, I can hear the tick sound proving that I successfully inserted the adapter. Normally, when you inserted a USB or memory card adapter or any disk on my DVD Rom, a pop up box will appear to Autoplay the media I inserted. But my memory card slot cannot read anything.

I opened the My Computer to search devices with removable storage, but there is no drive for my memory card slot, which just means that my laptop cannot read it. What is the possible cause of it? My laptop is a Toshiba that has pre-installed software drivers. I opened the Toshiba folder then go to utilities and the SD Memory Card Format icon, but there is nothing on the Drive drop down menu, and the start button is lock. Here are the information needed regarding my computer specs:

Toshiba satellite with Pre-installed Windows Vista Home Premium 32-Bit and some Toshiba software's

Hard Disk: 300GB without partition with 240GB free spaces.


My windows is activated and I am the only administrator of my own computer. No password set for it.

The memory card I am trying to open is a 2GB Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo

Please note that USB and DVD Rom are working very fine.

I'm hoping for a serious help. Thank you very much. Any more information you will need, I will provide ASAP.

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My computer cannot read my SD Card


Hi Chris carter,
I have here some solutions for you, you can do any of the following solution that given. I hope that with these, will resolve your problem.

I actually already encountered this issue, I'm using Canon camera, when  I'm going to insert my SD card at memory card reader then connect it to computer. It wasn't show the drive of SD card but when I'm going to insert the SD card at my camera, the pictures is still there. I just do the solution 1 then it works. I hope it will do the same with you.

Solution 1
Chris if your SD card cannot be read of your computer, then try to insert the SD card on your computer then restart your computer.

Do not remove it, just insert it then restart the computer. When it's done, wait for a minute after the startup loading is finally done.

Now refresh the desktop by pressing (F5) key. If the SD card didn't open, go at the My Computer and look if there's a drive now for the SD card. If still can't read it…

Well I guess….

Solution 2
The SD card was infected by a virus. First is, scan the whole computer and after scanning it. Plug your Sony Digicam with the SD card, try if it can read the SD card using the Sony Digicam not the memory card reader. And scan your Sony digicam. Some of the memory can't be read because they infected by virus. If anti-virus detected that some of your pictures and videos was infected by virus, try to heal it.. But if it can heal, all you have to do is to remove that pictures or video that infected by virus. If it still not working look at the other solutions below.

Solution 3
Also Chris, I suggest you to try to check the SD card using other computer. If in other computer will read the SD card. Then if it's finally read, i think the problem is in your computer. It is either the jack, as what I say earlier – about the virus, or you have to upgrade your drivers. Maybe it is not compatible on your computer. Then  do also the solution 4.

Solution 4
Then here is the way on how to upgrade your drivers.

Follow these steps:

Step 1 – Press the Windows key, -> select My Computer then right-click to select Manage.
Step 2 – Select device manager, -> Press Tab key once.
Step 3 – Click the Action tab and select scan for hardware changes. Then it will automatically look for the updates that needs to install to your computer. After installing updates for your drivers you may restart your computer.

Solution 5
Last option is you have to uninstall and reinstall the disk driver, how to do it?

Follow these steps:

Step 1 – Press the Windows key, -> select My Computer then right-click to select Manage.
Step 2 – Select device manager, -> Press Tab key once.
Step 3 – Select the Disk drives then click the (+) sign to expand.
Step 4 – Then right-click the driver under Disk driver and select uninstall then restart your computer.

It will automatically reinstall the driver that you uninstalled. Then try now to check your SD card.


Radvele Sam

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My computer cannot read my SD Card


Hi Chris,

The SDHC or Secure Digital High Capacity memory cards as refer to SD card that won't work as you mentioned. Shown below are the instructions that may be able to correct the problem.

1. Try to eject the card from the Toshiba laptop and inspect the metal connectors. If there are dirt or debris, clean it off with a free soft cloth. If there are corrosion, the card may be beyond repair. Replacement is advise.

2. After cleaning insert it again, pressing it into place until you hear a click. If isn't recognized, eject and reinsert it again.

3. Toshiba laptop is package with manual check it and find out if your card reader is compatible with SDHC cards. If not download the SDHC card form Microsoft website. Reboot your computer after the update. If not working, then move to next step.

4. If all the efforts are not working. Eject the card and insert it to another computer SDHC compatible card reader. Click  the "computer icon" and find the SDHC card under removable storage. If it doesn't display, the card has likely corrupted beyond repair. If it does appear, format it and choose "FAT 32". After formatting eject it safely and insert into your Toshiba laptop and look for it under "Device with Removable Storage. I hope these will help.


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My computer cannot read my SD Card


Thank you guys for sending enough information. It's all fixed now. I uninstall then re-install the card reader driver then update it with the latest software. The computer can now read the SD card and I can fully transfer my files and pictures from my camera to my computer.

Thank you both for sharing your knowledge with me.

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My computer cannot read my SD Card


There are so many possibility  that Is why your computer does not read your SD card. So I am going to point out these here. First of find the best reason and then fix them because it is to fix if you find the problem. 

May be your USB driver  is outdated – Update them.

May be your SD card infected with any virus. – Scan it.

May be your SD card corrupted – check it on another system.

May be your USB slot broke just check it.

Just check them and I'm sure you will fix them.

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