After Effects automatically not responding and then exit.

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Hi to all,

When I try to close or exit the application, the software crashes.

The project I am creating is not that complex neither a large file.

It’s just a simple project. A simple animation with moving graphics.

How can I avoid this?


After Effects error: Crash in Progress. Last logged message was: <1296><D_MCp_SetupExporterModule><5> Ignoring: 1230389550 1464094018

Thanks for your help.

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After Effects automatically not responding and then exit.



After effect is not responding for wrong command or missing plug-in. Install some plug-in can be solved this problem. There are many plug-in for after effect on the internet. Just collect some and install or replace with others.

Other option is to uninstall this application program and use some pc cleaner software and then reinstall it again. It will recover the damage of after effect site. You also can use system restore option to restore your previous states.

Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete .

This window will appear. From here just select After effect and press End task button. Then it will end automatically.

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