Advancing user from 8.5.2FP3 to 8.5.3

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Once advancing a user from 8.5.2FP3 to 8.5.3 and gaining access to the mail file on the 8.5 network I'm receiving the subsequent blunder:

IBM Lotus Notes

Error accessing product object method


When hitting the “ok” button, the minute view displays: "Part of this application did not start correctly due to an open dialog box. Please close the dialog box and refresh this section to re-open the application". What do I do if I encounter this error again? Many thanks to you and your efforts.

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Advancing user from 8.5.2FP3 to 8.5.3


Hi Olivia,

This is upgrade issue, especially the calendar update. Try to raise the ACL access(raise user to higher access like manager or designer) and let him have command of opening and closing the box or the mail file. and let the user reset to editor access. Hope this help but if not, try to run this code in your mail files.

  1. sub initialized
  2. on error go to my bad
  3. dim session as new notesession
  4. dim db as new notesdatabase(",")
  5. dim doc as new as notesdocument
  6. dim item as notesitem
  7. set db=new notesdatabase("admin/server/domlab","mailgmarx.nsf")
  8. call db.enableDbOptios(2,true)
  9. message box "done"
  10. exit sub

In My bad

  1. print error()
  2. resume next

End sub

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