Adobe InDesign CS6 Installation Error

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Hello Everyone,

I had completed installing Adobe InDesign CS6 and was trying to launch it when this error occurred. The message says that Adobe Help viewer is not installed and I am not connected to internet. But this is strange, because I am connected to internet and its speed is good as usual. And the incredible stuff follows: I find that Help is installed as well. So now what was this error message trying to communicate? Should I really bother about reinstalling when InDesign works perfectly save this one useless message? Can somebody please explain this? Thanks for responding to this request.

Adobe Help Viewer is not installed and you are not

connected to the Internet. Please check your Internet

connection or reinstall Indesign.

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Adobe InDesign CS6 Installation Error


The reason why you see this error when using Adobe InDesign CS6 is that when you tried using Help or you tried opening Help while using Adobe InDesign CS6 you are not connected to the internet. This error happened before Adobe was able to provide the offline PDF help files for Adobe InDesign CS6 in June of 2012. This is normal because you are trying to access Help in the program and you are not connected to the internet.

During those times, Adobe InDesign CS6 expects that your computer has access to the internet when you access the Help function. To fix this problem, open Adobe InDesign CS6 then go to Adobe Help Manager then in General Settings section, click Download to download the placeholder PDFs. See image.

And that’s it. The next time you need to access Help, it will no longer require you to have internet access because of the placeholder PDFs the suitable PDF file will automatically open in Adobe Reader.

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Adobe InDesign CS6 Installation Error


Follow the steps mentioned below to solve the error of Adobe software

1) Close all the running applications on the system

2) Click 'Start', select 'Control Panel'

3) Select 'Set Program access' from the list of options

4) In the choose a configuration list, click 'Custom' tab

5) In the Default web browser option, select Internet Explorer option

6) click 'OK', launch the application in the system

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