Tips for players of media classic basic troubleshooting

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Good evening,

I have some problem with my media player, and need some tips on media classic basic troubleshooting.

There are times when I play my video, an error message 'render less” appears and it gets very frustrating.

Other times, the subtitles won’t display.

Can anybody teach me basic tips to solve this?


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Tips for players of media classic basic troubleshooting


Hi dear,

It's your Media Player that is causing the problem. You can solve your problem two ways.

1. Your Media Player should be removed from your computer, then install it again, and I think you will solve your problem.

2. You can download the new version of the player,  then set it up properly, and I think you will succeed.

Thank you.

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Tips for players of media classic basic troubleshooting


To turn on the subtitles, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Start button .
  2. Click All Programs.
  3. Click Windows Media Player.
  4. If  you are  in Now Playing mode, click Switch to Library button in the upper-right corner of the player.
  5. Click the Play menu, bring the cursor  to Lyrics, Captions, and Subtitles.
  6. Click On if available.
  7. Start  playing the  file or DVD that has captions or subtitles. Subtitles appear above the DVD video, while captions appear below the video portion of Windows Media Video (WMV).

How to fix the error message “renderless”?

1. You should have an updated version of the Windows system.

Nowadays, you can always check online if there’s a new version and have it installed in your PC.

2. You should uninstall the program from your computer and reinstall the one which is more appropriate to your computer system.

3. Delete or reinstall the file on your computer system.

How to fix renderless.exe error:

Follow the steps below to resolve renderless.exe issues:

1. Download the renderless.exe Repair Tool.

2. Click Save File and then follow the on-screen instructions on installing the program.

3. Click Repair all to fix the exe issues and boost your computer.

The renderless.exe issue may be due to the following:

– Corrupted or damaged copy of renderless.exe file.

– Issue on BIOS settings for Wait states, RAM issues or more BIOS settings.

– Browser crashes.

– Corrupted password list.

– Your Control Panel is damaged as well as your Java machine.

– Computer that usually freezes.

– Corrupted DLL files.

– BSOD or Blue Screen of Death Issue.

– Printer drivers that are installed incorrectly.

– Corrupted System32 File.

– Registry files that cannot be remove.

– exe processes that loads incorrectly.



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Tips for players of media classic basic troubleshooting


The first solution is to restart your program whereas we know restarting of several programs can fix the problem. If you are still facing this problem then follow the instructions below;

1: Click on the “View” tab if you are facing 'render less” error select “Playback” and then click on “Output” and then select “VMR7” or “VMR9” apply this setting.

2: Then Click on "Play" tab if you found the subtitles are not displayed then choose "Subtitles" and click on "Enable" for the subtitles.

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