Acrobat X Error: C++ Runtime Error

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I have a Dell Laptop installed Windows Vista. I am running Adobe software for Graphics and Web design work. Recently I have installed Acrobat X Pro. These are legitimate and licensed software. I am getting an error when I launch Acrobat X.

MS Visual C++ Runtime Error

Acrobat X/…/Acrobat.exe
This app has requested Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way

However it has a built in safemode. I can run the app while holding the Shift but it has a very limited functionality. Is this a Windows Error or related to Acrobat X and C++ RT? Is there any solution? I have tried googling but could not fine answers.



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Acrobat X Error: C++ Runtime Error


Two factors might cause such errors.
Visual C++ Libraries’ run-time components are lost.
Problem with the program.

1st Case
Reinstall Visual C++ Libraries’ run-time components.  You can download MS Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) at this link http:\ downloads details.aspx? familyid = 9B2DA534-3E03-4.

2nd Case
If an above redistributable package is installed but the errors continue to appear, then it should be the program problem i.e. software is conflicted.

Then you should conduct a clean boot check to find out if software are conflicted. If software are not conflicted, you may report this issue to manufacturer support for their reference.

A clean boot could be done in following procedures.
Start and Run. Type msconfig and then Enter.
Select tab Services. Select ‘Disable All’ in ‘Hide All MS Services’.
Select tab ‘Startup’ and ‘Disable All’. Choose OK.
Restart again.

Then at Clean Boot, check the system if the problem appears. If the problem disappears, then the problem is caused by any disabled application or service.

Lastly, you could use msconfig to re-enable above disabled items individually.
Hope this solution could help.

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Acrobat X Error: C++ Runtime Error



Have you tried uninstalling and re installing the program? If you do, how about using a registry cleaner to fix issues regarding this problem. There are free registry cleaners out there just Google them up. Try using CCleaner I have been using it whenever im encountering strange errors. Well sometimes it really doesn't fix the problem, but hey its a good start in troubleshooting.

I hope this would be helpful in such way.



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