Cannot install any new software

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Hi There!

Yesterday I bought a Nero software disk for CD/DVD writing. When I place my software disk in the CD tray and continue to start installing but it cannot install.

SetupCopyOEMInf(X:hpzid412.inf) failed. error=0x5 : Access is denied.

Error Situation Code: 01577131

The following lines were retrieved from the installation error logs.

Now Launching=X:hpzprl01.exe -m preloadproductdrivers -ll

enu,fra,ita,deu,esn,esm,ptb,nld,ara,rus,%driverlanguages% -l XXX -f X:WINDOWS.NEWDIVins??.DAT

Error getting DriverVer from the DAT file

SetupCopyOEMInf(X:hpzid412.inf) failed. error=0x5 : Access is denied.

SetupINFslistedInDatFile failed with Access is denied.

Exit code=5

At first this software run automatically but after sometime it cannot continue and hang.

What is the windows problem I cannot imagine it?

Please help me for installing this software.

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Cannot install any new software



  • If Nero software will not start the installation, this might caused by the CD itself and of the CD burner. Also might caused of this is the incompatibility of your Windows Operating System and the type of Nero software you have.
  • What you need to do is to download the latest Nero installer; Try installing latest version and most likely, you will install this with-out any trouble. But best advise is to go ahead install the software in the link provided above.
  • An installer guide will give you steps by steps instructions and this requires activation key and you will need to log-in as administrator to perform all these steps.
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Cannot install any new software


The Nero installer CD you bought is already defective from the start. As what the error says, it can not access a particular DAT file to begin the installation. The particular file that is in the CD is surely corrupted. There is no reason to try installing it. Return the defective CD to the store where you bought it and replace it with a working one. If it is possible to test the CD first if it is working, much better.

A working CD will display the logo of Nero after it is loaded in the CD-ROM drive and will present you choices of different installations.

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Cannot install any new software



I returned the defective cd installer back and they gave me a new one. I run the program again and it installed correctly. I can now burn my files into CDs and DVDs. Thanks for the informative tip and to techyv for having you here on this site. Cheers!

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