Access denied for user ‘gb_dolibar’ to database ‘db_dolibar’

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I wanted to install dolibar in my PC. I entered the required installation information and I tried to start. That’s the time when I got this message which reads:

“Access denied for user 'gb_dolibar'@'' to database 'db_dolibar'”

What am I expected to do. Post answers, please. Thank you.

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Access denied for user ‘gb_dolibar’ to database ‘db_dolibar’


There are the following cases that might resemble the problem that you are facing.

  1. The format in your config.php is not the same as the one being used in the webhost or web server that you are using. Contact your webhost and ask them to provide you with the format that they are using.
  2. The user that is trying to access the DB has not the required number of privilege to access the database that it is trying to because there are restrictions placed from the MYSQL. You have to manually define the access rules and then choose which type of users can use it.
  3. There is a new password hosting system introduced in the newer MYSQL 4.1 and its versions. You have to follow that specific pattern if you are using this version.
  4. If you want more information go to this link or this link and see if you can find anything useful there.

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