About wifi connection set up

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Know that Wi-Fi is now more popular network service. That’s why Can I setup a Home Networking like WiFi connection in my home instead of having broadband wires/ USB Internet Modems ? Please let me know in details procedure. Also tell me WiFi benefit .

Thanks friends, like this service.

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About wifi connection set up


Hi Shams,

Having a wireless network at home is no longer considered a luxury but a necessity. Almost majority of home networks run on wireless because of its simplicity. Having to span a multitude of devices being able to communicate via this protocol is ingenious. Now let’s examine the things to consider when trying to set-up a wireless network for the first time.

Visualize the place where you plan to locate the wireless router after you purchase it. Make sure you locate the device in an area where signal coverage will be sufficient for those intending to connect, so no matter where they are located in the house, they will still have nice wireless signal connection ratios. Avoid placing the wireless router in corners, where half of the signal will be wasted.

Pick out a wireless router with the following options and features:

  • Make sure the wireless router’s antenna is the upgradeable type in case you need expansion in terms of wireless signals.
  • Pick out the wireless router with the best specifications, high gain, bigger coverage area, and additional security features.
  • Choose a well-known wireless router manufacturer in case you have to avail yourself of technical support, or would need trusted firmware upgrades.
  • A wireless router with multi-channel support is a good buy, considering that you can change channels to transmit your wireless signal in case of interference.
  • A Wireless-N router is the latest and offers more enhancements in speed and reliability so you may have to consider that as well.

After you’ve bought the router of choice, now is the time to unpack and install it. Place it first in its intended location which should be close to the DSL or Broadband modem. Get a CAT 5 cable and plug it from the modem to the wireless router’s WAN port at the back. Now power-up the wireless router. Follow the instructions that came with the box, including software that may be necessary for it to operate.

Configure the wireless router via its “Webmin” GUI configuration page that allows you to set various settings and options. It normally has a one click setup wizard for beginners that prompts you from initial setup up to completion. Follow the guide if unsure on how to proceed. You can make other changes later when you are more familiar with the administrators interface for managing the wireless router. A sample configuration page here trains you on the various typical wireless router settings available to the user http://support.dlink.com/emulators/wbr2310/index.htm .

Don’t forget to include a wireless security method to keep your wireless network safe from outside intruders by choosing either WEP, WPA, or WPA-2. A known effective way to secure the network is via MAC address filtering which defines a select group of users able to connect with the following MAC addresses. Any other user attempting to connect, and whose MAC address is not on the list will not be allowed access.

  • And lastly, make sure you lock the GUI page with an administrator password that is unique and difficult to access. Many admins forget this part and choose the defaults which are easy to access illegally.
  • Putting all the above in mind, you will now finally be able to enjoy your first wireless network at home. Internet surfing, online gaming, printer and file sharing will now be possible from a wireless standpoint.




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About wifi connection set up


It is very simple to configure a WIFI in your office or home. A WIFI  is a wireless technology which is the latest model in networking it provide the best result for surfing over networks. A WIFI  works on signals which the device receive from near by antenna. There can be other sources as well but main purpose is how to set a WIFI connection. It is very easy just few steps to fallow and you will be done, these steps are:

  • Purchase a WIFI device a wire with RJ45 connector on both ends and that's it.
  • Now put one end of wire in the WIFI  device and one end to your PC while connecting the WIFI device to PC Keep ON the WIFI  device and you will see that the blinking light on PC will be ON by connecting wire, it mean that the connectivity is done between two devices.
  • Now its comes to configuration for network service. So here it is
  • Go to your web browser and type it is a IP address to call a network service.
  • A page will come in front of you here you have to provide details as your service provider says lets say we have SSID type it as per you service also configure channel id is to be configured you can then select Authorization type by clicking on combo box.
  • After you done save your settings and then its time to play around network. That's all you have to done, I hope you like it.
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About wifi connection set up


Yes, that is possible and you won’t be needing cables to network your computers. To create your own home Wi-Fi network, you need a Wi-Fi router and devices that are Wi-Fi-enabled. For laptops, I don’t think you will have a problem because they have built-in Wi-Fi adapters.

Wi-Fi card adapter
Wi-Fi card adapter

But for normal desktop computers that don’t normally come with this device and are normally equipped with a standard network or Ethernet adapter, I think you will need to buy and equip them with new internal or external Wi-Fi adapters. There are available Wi-Fi card adapters and USB Wi-Fi adapters so just select which ones to use.

USB Wi-Fi adapter
USB Wi-Fi adapter

So your home Wi-Fi network will have internet connection, the internet cable should be plugged to your Wi-Fi router then that’s how the internet is shared across your network. Give your Wi-Fi network a unique Wi-Fi name or SSID and a password that will protect your network from unauthorized access.

So your devices can connect to the Wi-Fi router, you need to configure every device with the correct SSID and password of your Wi-Fi router.

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