Learning How To Buy Public IP Address

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Hi. I would like to know how to buy public IP address. I require the information on an urgent basis. Please reply ASAP. Thanks in advance.

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Learning How To Buy Public IP Address


. Hi. To learn how to buy public IP address, you can visit websites such as IPtrading.com which provides IPv4 address space. They provide the address IPv4 addresses in every region and registry for sale.

They also provide a safe and smooth transaction and give advice regarding negotiation, contract generation, bank guaranties and escrow services.

They provide a safe path with a success rate of cent percent. You can also visit the Indian registry for internet names and numbers, India, which is a non-profit organization and allocates and registers services of IP addresses and internet-related information to the society and performs research activities. It provides the address space according to the usage of the company. An address space is allocated when some organization can use the address for assignment of customers and allocation.

The fee is to be paid on annually and depends on the number of resources which are needed by the organization.

The annual fee for IPv4 addresses is- 25000×1.35^ (log2 (number of addresses)-8)

The annual fee for IPv6 addresses is- 21999×1.35^ (log2 (number of addresses)-22) Hope we helped.

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