Internet connection keeps dropping intermittently

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My internet connection keeps dropping intermittently.

It started about a month back and still goes on. Resetting my router or taking the Ethernet cable off the PC, corrects the problem but it's very annoying at times.

The connection drops for like, every half an hour or so and then I have to physically correct it. At first, I thought it was a hardware problem so I changed the router and then tried another Ethernet cable but the problem still persists.

I am running Windows Vista Home Premium  on an Intel 965 chipset and have 2GB RAM. My router is provided by my service provider, so I don’t know its make or model.

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Internet connection keeps dropping intermittently



Is this a wired connection or a wireless connection? The Ethernet you mentioned earlier, was it the Ethernet cord connected from the modem to the router or the Ethernet cord connected from the router to the computer? Is the same issue happening, to the other equipment that you have? Have you tried connecting your computer straight to the modem to see if the problem is actually with their modem? and are you using a combo router or a modem router ?

There are so many things to consider, when troubleshooting an intermittent issue. You need to consider the different factors that may be causing the issue. Is it caused by a faulty router? Is it your NIC? Is it you ISP? or could it be your router? So again, if you haven't tried connecting your computer straight to the modem, try so, so that you will be able to isolate the case.

Now, if you are certain that its not your ISP or your equipment, then make sure that your router or your wireless computer is not located near a microwave or any device of this sort.

I would also suggest you calling your ISP, so that they can do a trace route to your modem. You won't be able to do this in your end, since you don't know the address of your modem.

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Internet connection keeps dropping intermittently

  • It’s a purely network problem and it's because of the service you're using is not reliable. It may be, that you are picking a signal or a wire from a long distance so make sure that your signal strength is not week at any time.
  • If you have not installed any Antivirus program then, this is the right time to install it. Because may be some virus is also infecting your PC.  If you are using a Local area network then, make sure that your PC is not among PC's that are sited on a low speed network.
  • Moreover, you can check that the browser you are using is a valid browser. You can also see that your Internet properties are set to default settings. By making them default, all the previous settings will be applied and any new change will be removed.

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