What is Multi C Class ISP Hosting?

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SEO web hosting is said to improve page rank and also prevents a website from getting penalties because of Multi C Class ISP hosting. What is Multi C Class ISP hosting and what can it do to prevent my site from getting search engine penalties?

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What is Multi C Class ISP Hosting?


It is basically overlooking that all your websites are doing well in the search engines. So basically, you, the webmaster, have one control panel where you can control all your websites and you can assign them different Class C IP address. 

To break it down, let's start with our basic knowledge of IP. IP has 4 parts, AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD

The Class C IP is the 3rd part (CCC). For instance, IP address is 123.456.789.101 : 789 is the Class C IP

It is used in LAN configurations that allows up to 2 million networks with up to 234 hosts using the 3 parts of the IP for identification. In the class C address, the first 3 bits are fixed to 1 1 0. The next octet is made up by 21 bits that completes the network identification.

Websites and blogs uses link farm, so that they can get a high rank in search engines using their keywords and backlinks. But when search engines discovered it, they used a spam filter to get rid of them that are hosted in the same IP adresses of the C Class as the primary website. SEOs then figured out a way to use Class C IPs to prevent them from getting penalized. They buy massive amounts of IP then sell it out to webmasters. So that, to avoid having Google to penalize you, the different keywords came from different IPs thus coming from different servers. 



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