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Storage Technology

Storage Technology

Everything that has advantages definitely has disadvantages.  For example RAID array is essential for purposes of data protection, increasing performance and increasing capacity of the system storage. These are of main importance but in case of failure of one or more drives in the array, which technique can be used to store data on the array to ensure reconstruction of your data is possible?

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I have an old hard drive and I want to merge the partition I broke down years ago. Drive F and G should be merged without any data loss, since I have a lot of important files. When I checked on Windows Vista, it doesn't have that option or I don't know where it is.
If you can also suggest a third party software that will do the job (freeware or fee based is OK) .
Your help is highly appreciated.
Coppa x2 and tenergy should be merged.

Coppa x2 and tenergy should be merged

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Redundant Array of Independent Disks short name is RAID.

We know RAID disk drive is used frequently on servers, but it is not important or necessary for personal computers.

Can anyone tell me Dose the RAID delivers any fault tolerance with Striped Disk Array?

Thank You.

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I have been using a 4 GB Macro SD card in my cell phone, where I can store about 3.5 GB data. From where I am able to use about 120 MB space of video and audio files. I came to know that there are two types of Macro SD. 

One is upgraded macro SD (Which normally upgrades from lower capacity of memory chips). Another one is Real capacity Macro SD (it makes from same size or capacity of memory chips).
Could you tell me what is the best way to identify the Real capacity and upgraded Macro SD.
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I have backups that I have saved on one folder, and I compressed it with WINRAR.

Now I have two backups the original and the compressed.

I would like to know is there a way I can add information to my already compressed folder or do I require to make another?

Showing the two folders.

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I have a 1GB Memory card but card is password protected. Any how I have lost my password.  When I insert my memory card  into the USB port, the same is not shown in My Computer and the memory card doesn't show if it is password protected.

I have tested my card on another PC but no results were found. Have you any idea or tips on how to open my memory card ?

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Hi Guys,

Today I am trying to download some data from the Internet and I am using Internet download manager for downloading because I know it is a fast downloader.  But I received the below error again and again.

When I received this error then I removed that file and again tried to download but the same error appears again.

Can anyone tell me the solution.


The requested server name is valid, but it does not have the correct associated data being resolved for (The host itself exists, but is not directly reachable).

Find below possible reasons for this error:

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The computer detects the pen drive but data on pen drive is not visible in one of the port, while data can be visible when plugged in other ports of the same computer.

In computer management, under "Volumes" tab the USB storage device is not shown but it can be seen at the right bottom of computer management window with Status = unreadable.
I want to use my pen drive in all ports.
Please help me.
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I have a camera "Sony Cyber Shot DSC-HX100V 16.2 MP Digital". Two days ago I captured about 100 photos. Today I tried to connect it with my laptop but the memory is not showing any picture.

I can't understand the problem. Is the problem in my laptop or in the memory card (pictures are seen in camera but not in laptop)? Moreover, I use Antivirus in my laptop which did not find any virus.

Suggest me what should I do if there is a problem in memory card or my laptop?

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I am using Dell R900 Server and configured with Raid Level 5, Installed OS is Windows 2008 R2. Server was initially installed for Oracle , Oracle is installed now, DBA recommended Raid group was 10.

How can I change convert running server from Raid 5 to 10.


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