Can’t understand the problem whether it is in memory card or laptop?

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I have a camera "Sony Cyber Shot DSC-HX100V 16.2 MP Digital". Two days ago I captured about 100 photos. Today I tried to connect it with my laptop but the memory is not showing any picture.

I can't understand the problem. Is the problem in my laptop or in the memory card (pictures are seen in camera but not in laptop)? Moreover, I use Antivirus in my laptop which did not find any virus.

Suggest me what should I do if there is a problem in memory card or my laptop?

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Can’t understand the problem whether it is in memory card or laptop?


Your question does not give a lot of details.  Is this the first time you encountered this problem with your setup?  If you were able to transfer photos before and now it suddenly doesn't work, please check if you changed any settings on your camera or your laptop recently.

What is the type and size of the memory card?  Are you using an old card reader?  Old card readers cannot read memory cards greater than 1GB.  Card readers that are not SDHC compatible cannot read SD cards greater than 4GB.  In other words, verify if your card reader supports the card type and the size of your camera's memory card.  If your laptop has a built-in card reader, buy a new external reader that supports your memory car type.

One trick worth trying is to insert the memory card and archive it using WinRAR or any other file compression program that you may have.  Copy this compressed file anywhere in your hard drive and decompress it.  Some people say it works.

Hope this helps!

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