How well can I use WINRAR?

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I have backups that I have saved on one folder, and I compressed it with WINRAR.

Now I have two backups the original and the compressed.

I would like to know is there a way I can add information to my already compressed folder or do I require to make another?

Showing the two folders.

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How well can I use WINRAR?


Dear Adahz,

You don't need to create a new backup archive.   After you've created a first WinRAR compressed archive, you can add anytime additional files to that or any other existing WinRAR archive of your choice.  To perform this action, you must proceed as follows:

  • Create or select a valid WinRAR Archive.
  • Select in the WinRAR browser, the file you would like to add to the existing archive and press the button <Add> in the WinRAR toolbar, or select the file pressing <Ctrl-A> or the right mouse button.
  • A popup window "Archive Name and Parameters" will open. Select or enter the archive name to which you would like to add the new file.
  • If needed, select additional settings in the "Archiving Options" under the tab "General".
  • Confirm the action by pressing the button <Accept>.

The new file will be added into the existing WinRAR archive.

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How well can I use WINRAR?


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How well can I use WINRAR?



You can use the WinRAR to compress data content up to 30 percent.  It is better than the ZIP file and multimedia compression processing of non-RAR archives.  It can repair damaged and embedded the file comments or the encryption. These also includes the wizard for the novice users, support the parity volumes and missing volume replacement.  It can support, convert and find commands and industry standards to the encryption by using 128-bit keys.

You can enable it in the explorer to view the single pane but if you want easy access, then just go to WinRAR, simply click the icon in the options list and select the folder followed by selecting, show disk folder.

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How well can I use WINRAR?



Dear Adahz

Though you have uncompressed backup folder that is why you just add information into the uncompressed folder then make it compressed by using winrar or other file compressing software. I think this is the easiest way to add information into the folders. On the other hand you can add information into your compressed winrar folder to create it WinRAR Archive.

Thanks and Regards


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