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Storage Technology

Storage Technology


I use Converter Standalone client to backup a VMWare server to NAS storage. I tried 3 times but all fails at 95%. NAS has enough space (near than 2T while my server is around 400G). It shows that all drives are back up successfully, then it shows:

Starting reconfiguration.  

and some minutes later: Reconfiguration failed.

Anyone has ideas for this. What should I check more now?


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I have two sites Primary and Metro for SAN and servers. Currently I am using a Primary SAN for Server allocation and Metro SAN for Data Replication. Both sites are connected through dark fiber and FC zones are replicating, replication has stated distance between both sites is 8 KM.

I have a large vacant pool of SAN on Primary site and want to use it on Metro Site for server allocation like as using for Primary site servers.

My question is can I use it on Metro Site or not. If, yes then what is the additional configuration required.

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Hey everyone,

I just ordered a 1 TB external hard drive online. I'm looking to use it for two purposes: 1) to consolidate my entire iTunes library onto it in order to free up space on my desktop and 2) to set up automatic backups from my desktop.

My question is this, is it ok to do both of these things on the same drive? Considering that I'll have my entire iTunes library on this drive, I'm pretty worried about the automatic backup somehow interfering or overwriting it.

Any help is appreciated, as I know very little about using external drives or making backups.



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I just wanted to know if there are any performance gains/losses that can be attributed to, holding everything else equal, the number of User shares that are created vs the number of split levels. In other words. If I just had two user shares – Movies and Pictures – but 5 different category trees below, would that result in better/worse or zero difference in terms of performance/access/disk usage/activity, etc.., than if I had 10 user shares that were only 1 or 2 layers deep?

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I've recently become aware of these new SSD drives that are just in general very awesome. So, of course I'd like to buy one for my computer setup. However, I'm wondering if there is a way I can transfer my C disk to this new SSD instead of having to install a new Windows to get it to work.

I tried looking around on Google to find out if someone had asked a similar question, but I didn't have any luck with that.

So, I thought I'd try getting an answer from you. 

Best Regards,

Maria Care

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I have brought my new PC. Its RAM is of 3GB and harddisk is of 320GB but still my computer speed is very slow. I regularly defragment my drives. Use C-cleaner to delete garbage.

I also have AVG software(Antivirus) which I update regularly. But still my computer's speed is not improving.

Can anybody guide what other things can I do to make my computer speed fast?

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Hi guys,

  • What is the difference between VIRTUAL MACHINE and VIRTUAL MEMORY?
  • What is the difference between FIFO and PIPE?

Thanks in advance.

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There are many video titles out on the market. I have been a regular purchaser of movies.

At the store I came across two new types, apart from the usual DVD titles.

They were termed HD-DVD and Bluray.

I am curious to know which one is best because both of them are a bit pricey!

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DVD has region codes and Blu-Ray disks also have region codes. Are they the same or are they different? I am looking to purchase a laptop. The optical drive configuration can have a DVD or a Blu-Ray drive. I need to make the correct choice here.

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I need an expert opinion about this. Kindly suggest your best advice. What's the best option for SAN? What are the best storage preferred by small scale companies?

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