Limitations of RAID array as a storage technique.

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Everything that has advantages definitely has disadvantages.  For example RAID array is essential for purposes of data protection, increasing performance and increasing capacity of the system storage. These are of main importance but in case of failure of one or more drives in the array, which technique can be used to store data on the array to ensure reconstruction of your data is possible?

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Limitations of RAID array as a storage technique.


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RAID cannot protect the data on the array. A RAID array has one file system. This creates a single point of failure. A RAID array's file system is vulnerable to a wide variety of hazards other then physical disk failure.  So RAID cannot defend against these sources of data loss. RAID will not stop a virus from destroying data. RAID will not prevent corruption. RAID will not save data from accidental modification or deletion by the user. RAID does not protect data from hardware failure of any component besides physical disks. RAID does not protect data from natural or man made disaster such as fires and floods.

To protect data, data must be backed up to removable media, such as DVD, tape, or an external hard drive, and stored in an off site location. RAID alone will not prevent a disaster, when (not if) it occurs, from turning into data loss. Disaster is not preventable, but backups allow data loss to be prevented.


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