Server Hardware

Server Hardware

Why do people switch to the telephone indexes? What is the reason behind switching the phone indexes? Which is the best reverse cell phone lookup app?

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Someone told me the server 2012 terminal services manager has been discontinued. Is it true? If yes, please explain to me how I can access it.

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I'm thinking if I should get an MTS 3G data card.  I would like to know if the MTS Data Card 2012 has a guaranteed speed of 3.1 MBPS and an upload speed of 1.8 MBPS?  What about the internet connection, how often does it disconnect?  Need feedback on this asap.  Thanks.

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Hello everyone,

I'm using Black Berry 9300 phone from T-mobile.  I'm facing problem in synchronizing phone with Desktop Computer.  I've accidently selected the option of: 'Delete from Server'.

On an email which was spam, I'm getting synchronization problems since then.  In this context, I would like to inform that I'm a POP-3 email user for my corporate email account and there is no EMAIL EXCHANGE Server.

Whenever I connect my phone with computer it says:

"Cannot Connect to Exchange Server, Please Contact Your Administrator or Verify You Have The Correct User Name & Password"

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Mercury has unveiled a new 3G mobile router which will provide WiFi connectivity. Some nice features, I should say. Is it available in India?

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Hi i am sohel,

I know details of Nokia Lumia cell phone like description, Check specs,features and functions etc.

Specially Nokia Lumia 610,

Please help me any body.

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I reside in a place where temperature exceeds 35 degrees Celsius. I heard that there are processors that could not withstand heat especially in a 24 hour operation. What kind of processor will you recommend for Home servers? Should I use Intel or AMD?

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I want to connect my website and communicate with this SMS server for sending messages automatically.

If the SMS is sent to this server it automatically updates the database of the website.

Please let me know clear instructions of setting up of this configuration from what you understand.

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I am using an Android device with lots of applications installed on it.

I have read some sites that I could use my Android device to customize and set it up to make it a proxy server.

How does it happen and if it’s possible, how can I perform it?

Thank you.

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Hi! I am having problems with my server. I was using Server 2000 DC but then the hard drive failed so, I got myself a new hard drive.

I installed in it Server 2000 and copied into it all of my files from my backup. The thing is while I was able to back up everything, none of the client machines would connect to the server and I could not view My Documents. Aside from that, I have also encountered other problems.

For one, I get this error message saying “dcgetdcname call failed”.

I also could not open the group policy and the computer sends me another error message saying “Failed to find a domain controller.

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