Latest Threats

Latest Threats

I have several acute viruses that I realized after scanning my all drivers by an Antivirus and I am at stake as most of my files and applications are showing as disabled and failure to run.

Including the spyware. IE monster. b and Trojan virus are also detected by scanning but my Antivirus is failing to kill them. Could you suggest me on what can I do at this condition?

Your system has been infected
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I use Windows XP SP2 as my operating system on my PC. I used my pen drive on my friends PC a few days ago. When I inserted that flash drive on my PC, it shows a hidden file like x.exe. Even after I removed it, it automatically adds in my flash drive.

What is this file? It’s not any of my necessary files. Is it a virus? How can I solve this problem?

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Several days ago I opened a link from the internet and my IDM ( Internet Download Manager ) showed up with confirmation to download a PDF file. I thought it's only a PDF file and what's the harm that could happen. After the download was finished I tried to open the file but it was taking a long time to open the file and in the end it failed and there was an error message 'The system has detected a problem with one or more installed IDE/SATA Hard disks. It is recommended that you restart the system' 

Suddenly there's a pop up from Windows 7 Restore with error report :

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I've been looking for a genuine website where I can get up to date information on the latest threats on computers. I don't want to see the actual threats but some sort of report about it like what others are experiencing.

They say prevention is better than cure. So it would be very helpful if I am able to find what's new and how to avoid those threats. Right now, I am using this link. Please let me know if you have something better than the link I have provided. Your suggestions would be most appreciated.

Thank you.

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One morning I powered on my computer, upon the appearing of the desktop screen, in the task bar where they show programs that are running there was a program running and its name is AmIcoSinglun. I try to right click on it, the menu won’t show up, also it doesn’t respond to left clicking.

I have no idea what it is and have not installed anything the night before. Tried going to control panel to remove the program but there is no abnormality in the list and also I don’t know which process to kill it to remove it. If it’s a virus any ideas on where I can remove it from?

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Hi! There,

I don’t know if anyone has experienced the same problem. I have a desktop PC, 120 GB hard disk, 2 GB RAM. Two days ago a friend came and asked me to assist him with some music files. He had an external hard drive. I plugged it in one of the USB ports and transferred the files.

I shut down the computer and when I logged in there was loud noise coming from the hard drive like something was scratching it. The strangest thing that happened was that every file I tried to open, opens for less than a second and before I even select an item from the directory, it closes down. This happens while trying to open any type of file.

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Two days ago my Antivirus detected the presence of a boot sector virus. The computer started experiencing booting errors and I decided to load a new Windows XP Service Pack 3 OS. The installation process went through. But a problem came up when I pulled out the Windows Installation Disk out of the drive and carried out a reboot. Within a few seconds during the boot process a black screen came up with the message 'BOOTMGR is missing press ctrl+alt+del to restart'.

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How do you remove "recycler", from the computer?

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VLC media player version 8.0 has done me some real damage. All my music files are corrupted and if you click any icon on the desktop it turns to a VLC media player window. I cannot open my computer, control panel or any other icon on the desktop. This means than I can’t uninstall the VLC application. When I succeed to access my music files and try to run any of them, they all crushed.

I tried to install version 8.4 and more problems occurred. Windows media player gave this type of error "Windows media player cannot access this file. The file might be in use, you might not have access to the computer where the file is stored” .

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Just the other day my PC HP model G60 was in a good working condition, pretty fast and I shut it down as usual but when I tried to reboot the following error message was displayed at the log-in screen, "Svchost.exe – Application Error. The instruction at "0x77f51c96" referenced memory at "0x0000010". The memory could not be "written". There was an option to click Ok.

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