I cannot remove x.exe file from my flash drive

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I use Windows XP SP2 as my operating system on my PC. I used my pen drive on my friends PC a few days ago. When I inserted that flash drive on my PC, it shows a hidden file like x.exe. Even after I removed it, it automatically adds in my flash drive.

What is this file? It’s not any of my necessary files. Is it a virus? How can I solve this problem?

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I cannot remove x.exe file from my flash drive


This is a virus that keeps it in the USB and to remove this virus follow these steps:

  1. Connect the USB to the computer and when the autorun dialog box opens click cancel.
  2. Now go to start->run. Type cmd for command prompt.
  3. Type the USB drive letter in a command prompt then type dir/w/a.
  4. This will display the list of files currently on the USB.
  5. If there is any .exe file it is a virus to remove it type attrib -r -a -s -h *.* in command prompt.
  6. Now delete the suspected virus by typing delete filename. In your case delete ' x.exe'.

This will delete the virus hope this helps.

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I cannot remove x.exe file from my flash drive


That is a virus alright. It is a worm in the form of an autorun. It automatically loads every time you insert your flash drive. If you got the virus when you inserted your flash drive in your friend’s PC, then his computer is infected. This also means that your computer too is infected since you already plugged in your USB flash drive and that’s when you noticed the odd file x.exe in your flash drive. So, the suggestion above will do no good since your whole hard drive is already infected.

When your computer gets infected with this type of virus, it installs itself in the System Volume Information folder found on every drive. It’s a hidden system folder. This folder is also used by Windows for its System Restore. That’s why autorun viruses go to this folder because it contains big amount of data that are accumulated every time Windows creates a System Restore Point. It fattens itself with the data and therefore occupying bigger and bigger amount of space every minute until there is no more free space available.

You have a weak antivirus running in your system. Download Norton Antivirus from this site: https://us.norton.com/antivirus/. After downloading uninstall your current antivirus then install Norton Antivirus. After installing update it first and then run a full-system scan. Keep your USB flash drive plugged in your computer while doing the full-system scan.

After scanning your system, monitor its status. Check if the file still appears.

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