How to remove unknown program AmIcoSinglun?

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One morning I powered on my computer, upon the appearing of the desktop screen, in the task bar where they show programs that are running there was a program running and its name is AmIcoSinglun. I try to right click on it, the menu won’t show up, also it doesn’t respond to left clicking.

I have no idea what it is and have not installed anything the night before. Tried going to control panel to remove the program but there is no abnormality in the list and also I don’t know which process to kill it to remove it. If it’s a virus any ideas on where I can remove it from?

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How to remove unknown program AmIcoSinglun?


Hi! Townsend!

AmIcoSinglun is a safe and legitimate Windows program that your card reader uses. This program identifies what type of card is inserted in your card reader. That is of course if you have a card reader. It works as an anti-spyware program. Most of the time, this program is already installed when you get your computer. There may have been changes in your PC if the icon suddenly appeared out of nowhere. This is mostly related to your startup being changed. There is also a small chance that it is actually a virus (since viruses have the capability of naming itself to legitimate programs Windows recognizes as safe). Just to be on the safe side here are some solutions you can try.

  1. Run a good Antivirus program to check if everything is good in your PC or if AmIcoSinglun is detected as a threat. You can also sweep your computer for spy-ware, ad-ware and all the related buddies that may harm your computer.
  2. Make sure that your Antivirus program has the latest updates, you should always do this to ensure that your PC is ready for any new threats.
  3. If nothing comes up after scanning your computer check your “Task Manager” to see how much memory it is using. It usually uses 2 MB of your memory which would not affect your computer’s performance in any way. You can do this by clicking on the “Processes” tab and arrange them by name. Once you see it there, you can determine whether it is harmful if it is using a lot of your memory. 
  4. RUN the command “netstats –an” to check for abnormalities in your internet connection related to this program, if you see that you have only one IP address then you have nothing to worry about.
  5. If it turns out to be harmless, you can leave it as it is but if you don’t want it running on start-up, remove it from your start up list.
  6. Use a registry cleaner program to check your PC as well, it will show if AmIcoSinglun is harmful or not if this wasn’t picked up by your virus scans.
  7. To remove it from start up, you can use programs that can alter your start-up like CCleaner. Another way is to go into your “Control Panel” >>>> Double-click on “Administrative Tools” >>>> from there double-click “Services”. Look for the program and under the Startup Type column go ahead and change automatic to disabled or manual. I suggest manual just in case you would like to use it in the future and wouldn’t like to restart your computer to have it running again. Restart your computer and you will notice that it is gone.
  8. You can do a system restore if nothing helps at this point. Choose a restore point where you have not encountered AmIcoSinglun.

I hope these helped. These solutions can be used individually and not as steps. Update me on this matter so we can find more solutions if none of these work.

Good Luck! Keep me posted!

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How to remove unknown program AmIcoSinglun?


You cannot just remove an application from your computer just because you are not familiar with it or you have not seen it before. You might not know that program came from Windows itself. Windows has its own programs that are launched every now and then depending on the user’s activity. For example if you insert a USB flash drive, Windows will then launch the program associated with it to handle the drive’s input and output protocols.

Another example is the program dr. watson. This program only appears when an error is encountered in the operating system. If you are not familiar with it and you happen to open the Windows task bar and you see it, you might think that it’s a third-party application. You wouldn’t know that it’s Windows’ own program and appears only every time there is an error that’s why you don’t see it more often.

To protect your system from unknown applications that might install unknowingly, always keep your antivirus updated and have a regular system check up on your computer. Like for example, run a full system scan on your computer every week to keep your system secure from viruses.

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