Latest Threats

Latest Threats

Hello guys.

My cousin has some issues every time he boots his computer.

He remembered that he got a pop-up message that appears every time he boots up.

The message says, “Auto-protect is processing security risk WS.Malware.2".

It stays there for a minute and then goes away.

He looked up on the history, and it doesn't show that it did anything with a virus called WS.Malware.2.

Please see the picture below for a clear view on the message.

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Can anyone help me with the difference between thread and process and also elaborate the steps to verify the threads and processes in different operating systems like Red-Hat, Fedora, Ubuntu, Windows Server, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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Hello experts, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with this?

I was curious if anyone could tell me what the most recent virus threats are and the signs that you might have one are?

Also if one is found on my computer what is the best virus removal software to get?


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Hi Experts!

My question is regarding Computer Viruses. I often heard about the term but what exactly does it mean? Sometimes I don't even know if I already have a virus on my computer because there are too many types of it that we cannot even identify which one is attacking your computer and which is not. What are the most common types of Computer Virus? And how can we get rid of it? Any help will be appreciated.


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Hello, I need help with the installation of Soluto Anti-frustration Software.

I tried to install it a couple of times but every time the same error message is displayed: "Soluto’s Installer

           Soluto’s installation has encountered an unexpected error:

           [Error] 1603, Fatal error during installation.

           Please contact [email protected] to resolve the issue"

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Good day, 

I noticed that my laptop is becoming slow so I take the initiative and scanned using Microsoft Security Essentials I have the screenshot below. 

worm:win32/Autorun.DM virus

Security Essential detected programs that may compromise your privacy or damage your computer. You can still access the files that these programs use without removing them (not recommended). to access these files, select the Allow action and click Apply actions. If this option is not available, log on as administrator or ask the security administrator for help.

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I use windows vista business edition in my pc. Recently I it shows an error message in the screen.

The error is: Attention! Some dangerous Trojan horses affected in your system.

Windows vista business files corrupted.

This may lead destruction of important files 

I have scanned the pc with antivirus and windows defender also.

But the situation is same.

How can I solve this problem?

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I have noticed that my computer is acting weird lately.

I wanted to see my hidden file that I put on my desk but when I apply "Show hidden files, folder and drives"  nothing appears. 

I'm quite sure that I have a hidden file on my desktop so it's really weird why I cannot see that file.

Is my computer got infected with a virus? 

Done applying this but I can't still see my hidden file. 

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Recently, after our class I decided to copy the files from my teacher's PC to my USB Flash Disk. 

When I opened it in my laptop, I noticed that there is an additional file in my USB Flash disk.

Is this a virus? It also duplicated also in my primary hdd of my laptop. 

Is there a way to delete or eliminate this file?

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I find it hard to notice the viruses that really harm my computer. My computer was recently reformatted because of the virus that I haven't noticed. The compilation of the unified list of viruses is made difficult because of naming.

Can someone let me know about the computer viruses?

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