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Internet/Email Software

Internet/Email Software


I'm Joe. I'm a blackberry user, and I am having malfunctions with my on-board Nimbuzz application in my phone. I have recently bought this phone. I have got my all necessities set in the phone to use the internet. All the other applications that depends on the Internet runs well except for the Nimbuzz.

When I run the application, it connects with my account, but when I go in for chatting, it does not respond. I have checked everything, application access point, port settings and everything is fine.

I have even checked if my Nimbuzz account is valid, and yes I'm glad to say it is. So please, I need solution as soon as possible.

Thanks guys.

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I am having trouble with my Internet Explorer. I can’t download Adobe Flash 9. I have tried a number of times but failed. Without the flash player viewing any flash content on the web is impossible. I am running on Windows Vista Service Pack 2.

I have gone through troubleshooting instructions and found out that the problem is not the security settings of Vista. I have checked the firewall and turned it off, uninstalled the antivirus I had and tried to download the flash player, it was not successful.

I have also followed a set of instructions I found on the net.

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Welcome to everybody from my heart.

I need some offline installer software for my bandwidth limitation. Basically, I want a Google Chrome latest version also I want oDesk desktop team application for my PC. I have unlimited Hard drive space to my Personal Computer and my Laptop. But Internet Bandwidth is limited for me. So, I want to store my Software Collection in PC’s Hard Disk.

Anybody could help me where I can get these Offline Installer software. Basically, I want Google Chrome & oDesk Desktop Team Application. 

Also inform me where I can get all offline to install version software.

Please help me about this problem.

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I just upgraded to Windows 7 platform. I recently setup my email in Windows Live Mail and had no problems. But when I got the message to update to Internet Explorer 9, I started having intermittent errors in my Windows Live Mail.

Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800c0148

Windows Live Mail

Some errors occurred while processing the requested tasks. Please review the list of errors below for more details.

An unknown error has occurred.
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800C0148
Protocol: SMTP
Port: 0
Secure (SSL): No

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Help I can’t connect my camera to Skype.

My Skype used to work fine with my Lenovo’s integrated camera but I recently uninstalled my Skype and after reinstalling the camera won’t work. There is a gray cross over the button which used to enable my camera. It checked the settings and it recognizes that there is a camera but it doesn’t show any option to enable it.
I also downloaded a free software of the internet to check that the camera works and yes it records video with the other software. So, I know the camera is ok. What can be the problem?
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My Yahoo Messenger 10 cannot read or accepts any instant messages. I am running Windows 7 and using the latest version of Yahoo Messenger. Whenever I type anything on my message box upon chatting, nothing appears but the chat window will open. Same thing when someone chat on me, I cannot read their messages on my message box, its empty.

I can see the status that says my chat mate is typing a message. I uninstall it then reinstall again hoping that I can fix the problem. But the error still occurs. I opened a site http://messenger.yahoo.com/web, I chat with some friends and its working just perfectly fine. But my main messenger is still not working.

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I'm using Google Chrome as my default browser. But it was really annoying every time it hangs and shows a message to stop the script. Obviously, the only choice you have when this thing happens is to force close your browser and restart to whatever you were doing. Last night, while I was in a middle of my researches, my Chrome suddenly stop working and unexpectedly shuts down. Then I restarted my browser but I could not open the Chrome this time. When I double click the icon of Google chrome on my desktop, an error appears that says: Whoa!Google Chrome has crashed.

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I have a headphone, model cosonic CT-737. Motherboard Intel, Processor Dual core. Always I hear music through headphone. I also use it when I talk to my yahoo messenger friends.

But I am having with a problem when I try to use it in Skype and Gtalk. I can listen my friends voice but they can't. It might have told that is a problem with the output jack if had worked in yahoo messenger. In view of the fact that it works on yahoo messenger but not on Gtalk and Skype.

Now I don't know in which category I will submit this question to get perfect and instant answer. This problem is for what?

Software or Hardware.

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I am using a laptop of 1GB RAM. When I browse with Firefox it sometimes make my laptop hang up. Now a day it is happening frequently. Firefox consumes most of the memory in my laptop. I cannot run any other application during net browsing. Should I switch to Google chrome or opera? Is it possible to limit the memory consumption of Firefox? How can I lessen the usage of RAM of Firefox? 

Someone help me with that.

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I am using a 1 MHZ machine with window XP, i tried to download "Download Accelerator Plus"

It started downloading successfully but after downloading 50% the process suddenly stopped with a dialog box that is  "couldn't initialize the initiation , parameter incomplete". please can you help me why it is occurring with my computer as many of my friends using the same machine  the same window but installation working on that but not on my computer.

Guide me how can i install download accelerator plus successfully???????

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