Yahoo Messenger 10 cannot read messages

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My Yahoo Messenger 10 cannot read or accepts any instant messages. I am running Windows 7 and using the latest version of Yahoo Messenger. Whenever I type anything on my message box upon chatting, nothing appears but the chat window will open. Same thing when someone chat on me, I cannot read their messages on my message box, its empty.

I can see the status that says my chat mate is typing a message. I uninstall it then reinstall again hoping that I can fix the problem. But the error still occurs. I opened a site, I chat with some friends and its working just perfectly fine. But my main messenger is still not working.

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Runtime Error!

Program: C;PROGRA~1Yahoo!MessengerYahooMessenger.exe


pure virtual function call

I turned my firewall off to make sure that it does not preventing yahoo, but I still could not receive or send any messages. I deleted my yahoo setup and uninstall it again and waited for a few days thinking that yahoo might be having some technical problems, but after a few days when I reinstall it, it's still there, it still have error.

Does someone here has the same problem as mine?

If so, please let me know how did you recover and fix your messenger?

Please help me. I attached a copy of my message box.

That's the only thing I can see even if I type anything on it.

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Yahoo Messenger 10 cannot read messages


Hello Erika,

I’ve recently had the honor (or bad luck) of experiencing the same problem on my PC. I could not see my typewritten messages, nor read any of the messages sent to me. But all the while I knew I was being replied to because of the pop-ups that notified me I was receiving a message. I also tried it on web messenger, where it was working. Let me present you with some of the solutions that I have done to resolve my problem.

  • There is a big possibility that scripting is disabled on your machine. To fix the issue, please do the following steps to enable scripting. Close Yahoo messenger and Internet Explorer before doing so.
  1. Run Internet Explorer, click "Tools" from the toolbar to select "Internet Options."
  2. Click on "Security".
  3. Click on the globe internet icon and choose "Custom Level".
  4. Scroll down to "Scripting."
  5. Enable “Active scripting”, “Allow paste operations via script”, and “Scripting of Java applets are all enabled”.
  6. Click “OK” to confirm the changes made.
  7. Rerun Yahoo Messenger.
  • Go to “Start > Run”, type “regsvr32 jscript.dll” without the quotes and press OK. Do the same for “regsvr32 vbscript.dll”, and press OK. Please note that if you are using Windows 7 you need to temporarily disable the User Account Control (UAC). Go to “Control Panel” (choose Category View) select “User Accounts and Family Safety”, then go to User Accounts to click on “Turn User Account Control on or off”.
  • Another solution involves the use of some registry editing via the Registry Editor. Go to “Start > Run”, type regedit without the quotes and press “enter”. Locate “HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet SettingsZones” and you should see a number of folders labeled as “0 1 2 3” and so forth. Above those you should see another folder before the “0”, with a box type or pseudo graphics character (sometimes it’s an “L” folder) that you should delete before rebooting.
  • An Adobe Flash player update may have caused this issue. When trying out the fix above, it gives out an error message. What you have to do is go back to the registry editor, return to the location "HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet SettingsZonesL”, right click on the folder and choose “Permissions”. Now check “Deny” for all users without deleting.

The last few fixes I mentioned really solved the problem for me and I hope it really solves yours. In my case it was an update via Adobe Flash that caused it. Some mentioned malware so it may vary in different cases.

Don’t forget to do a spyware scan just to be safe.

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Yahoo Messenger 10 cannot read messages


Wow thanks Peter for your big help.

I updated my flash player too and that fixed the issue.


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