Camera wont work with Skype

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Help I can’t connect my camera to Skype.

My Skype used to work fine with my Lenovo’s integrated camera but I recently uninstalled my Skype and after reinstalling the camera won’t work. There is a gray cross over the button which used to enable my camera. It checked the settings and it recognizes that there is a camera but it doesn’t show any option to enable it.
I also downloaded a free software of the internet to check that the camera works and yes it records video with the other software. So, I know the camera is ok. What can be the problem?
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Camera wont work with Skype

1. Make sure that you and your correspondent are using the latest Skype version, you can easily know what Skype version you are using just follow these 3 simple steps:

i. Connect to Skype
ii. Left-click on Help > About Skype (for Windows users).
Skype > About Skype (for Mac users).
iii. Your Skype version appears. 

Then check the Skype website and download the latest Skype version available.

2. Make sure that your webcam appears in the Device Manager, follow one of these steps :
For Windows 7: Press the Windows button and select the Control Panel, Click "Hardware and Sound" and select Device Manager, under "Devices and Printers" and then click on the little arrow next to "Imaging Devices". (You should be able to see your webcam if it is well connected to the PC)

For Windows Vista: Click "Start" and then select the "Control Panel" .Select the "System maintenance" and then the "Device Manager".

For Windows XP: Click the Start Button and then go to Control Panel ,Select System .and choose the Hardware Tab ,click on Device Manager.

Make sure that you see your webcam under the 'Imaging devices'.

3. Try to disable the automatic loading of Skype when you start your computer .This helps your webcam Drivers to load before the starting of Skype. Follow these Steps to do it :

i. Disconnect from Skype, In the Menu bar Click on Skype>Disconnect.
ii. In the "Welcome to Skype" window, disable these settings :
Sign me in when Skype starts.
Start Skype when computer starts.
iii. Restart your computer .
iv. Connect to Skype.
4. Make sure your webcam is turned on and it is connected to your computer. Close all programs that can use the webcam. This includes video editing software and instant messaging (such as Yahoo Messenger or Windows Live Messenger), browsers, Windows Explorer and even some Web sites. When this is done, make sure your webcam is used by Skype.

Make sure you have the latest version of Microsoft DirectX. For Windows Vista and Windows 7, you can get the latest version of DirectX on Windows by installing the latest service packs and updates. For Windows XP, you can download it from

5. If your contact can not see you on Skype here's a few solutions to your problem.

In Skype > Tools > General > Options > Video > Select the correct device + Enable Skype Video > Start the video automatically when someone calls > Select > Automatically receive the video from everyone. Make sure that another program is not using the webcam. This can be an invisible process. Therefore, go to task manager (ctrl+alt and del) to control everything.

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Camera wont work with Skype


Hello Bill,

Try to configure your video settings on Skype, do the followings:

  1. Open your Skype
  2. Go to Tools>Options
  3. Under options Go to the Video Settings tab
  4. Configure your Webcam
  5. Test it by calling someone

I hope this would be helpful.


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