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Internet/Email Software

Internet/Email Software

I used nimbuzz to stay online in all my IM services at same time. Mainly i want to online with FaceBook. it was done. all are work correctly. But there is a big problem. when after i signed out, also show me as the online my friends.

But really i am not online. it is a big problem to me. because friends trying to chat with me. when i meet them they question me why are you not reply to us. but i told i am not really online.

They didn't believe me. i am in a big trouble now. i don't no how to solve it. every time show me as online. how can i solve this problem?

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I'm now frustrated with this problem in Yahoo Messenger Client! I've been using this app for many years and I just met this weird issue. I logged in and the a trouble shooter dialog box appeared for a second only and lost, "how will I know my problem?" 🙁

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I want to know what browsers fast as of now. I'm using Google chrome right now. Any suggestions?

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Help about my yahoo messenger, because while I’m typing, message not appeared It also cannot see the message of my chat mate, I’ve tried to search in Google and said I made script error? Maybe anyone know about my issue how to resolve such kind of problem of mine. Thanks in advance

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Guys I need help installing Bing Bar on my computer. I tried going to the download website and install Bing Bar but once I click on install it doesn't continue installing. It gets stuck on the installing part and I don’t know what to do next. Please help!

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