Need Offline Installer of Google Chrome & oDesk Team application

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Welcome to everybody from my heart.

I need some offline installer software for my bandwidth limitation. Basically, I want a Google Chrome latest version also I want oDesk desktop team application for my PC. I have unlimited Hard drive space to my Personal Computer and my Laptop. But Internet Bandwidth is limited for me. So, I want to store my Software Collection in PC’s Hard Disk.

Anybody could help me where I can get these Offline Installer software. Basically, I want Google Chrome & oDesk Desktop Team Application. 

Also inform me where I can get all offline to install version software.

Please help me about this problem.

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Need Offline Installer of Google Chrome & oDesk Team application


If you want to have an Offline Installer of Google Chrome you can download it here, the stand alone Chrome Installer. But there is no offline installer for oDesk Team Application, you can make an offline installer of it but you need to download and install it first on your computer.

Steps for making an offline installer for an application:

Note: The application must already be installed on your computer in order to make an offline version of it.

1. Download and Install WinRar application. You will need this in creating offline installers.
2. Open the installed WinRar. Click Start > All Programs and locate WinRar from the list.

Steps for making an offline installer for an application

1. If you are using Windows Vista or 7, right click the icon and select “Run as Administrator”.
2. Select the drive from which the application is installed, the default directory is C:Program Files. Open the directory and locate newly installed oDesk Application.
3. Right click the folder and select “Add files to archive” from the pop-up menu.

Add files to archive

6. On the pop-up window under “General” tab, check “Create SFX archive” from the "Archiving option".

Archive odesk.exe

7. Click “Advanced” tab and click the “SFX options” button found on the right side.
8. A new pop-up window will appear. On the “General” tab type C:Program FilesoDesk in the “Path to extract” The default program path installation will be in Program Files.

Advanced SFX options

9. You can add some text messages and logos on your installer. Click the “Text and Icon” tab. You can only use bitmap images with your logo.

Archive name parameter

10. Go back to the “General” tab and Click OK. From the previous window click the OK button again, and it will start creating the Offline Installer of Odesk Team Application. You can find the created installer under the same directory that you have created.

Compression of files

Test your newly created offline installer:

1. Double click the created oDesk.exe
2. Browse for the location wherein you want to install the application.
3. If you want to have a shortcut icon on your desktop, locate the installation folder and find oDeskTeam.exe
4. Right click the oDeskTeam.exe and select Send to > Desktop (Create Shortcut).

Odesk Applications

If you notice that copying the folder and just pasting it to your computer would be much easier. But if you have this, it is easier by just clicking the created package and it will do the rest for you.

When you want to install it to another computer you’ll just have to copy it on your flash disk or cd and just double click and extract it directly from your removable media.

This will not work in all application, because some of the application requires accessing into Windows system files. You manually put a shortcut icon on your desktop and if you want to uninstall the application you’ll just have to delete the file manually by right clicking it and selecting delete because it will not register itself into your computer system when installed.

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Need Offline Installer of Google Chrome & oDesk Team application


Dear Dreamlancer,

You have chosen two really good things going together well – Google Chrome and Odesk Team Application.

Please follow these steps to download both:

Odesk Team –

1. Click on this link to download (See the image below) –,

2. Click on Download Now option,

3. Double click on Odesk Setup.exe file to install and wait till the installation completes.

Google Chrome –

1. Download latest version of Google Chrome –,

2. Download it,

3. Install,

4. Open the Chrome and start your virtual Odesk work.

oDesk application

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