Hardware Firewalls

Hardware Firewalls

I have recently installed a licensed copy of Windows 8 Professional edition. Along with it, I have also installed MS Office 13. Whenever I try to open a document using Office, it shows the error code

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My new antivirus Kaspersky offered me tonight this error when I opened my PC and the program closed when I pressed OK. I have this one for 2 days and worked OK, exception this error. Can anyone help me to fix this error? IS there an error with Kaspersky?

Thank you!

KAV Script Checker

Cannot load library For language ‘JScript’

Path: ‘C:WINDOWSsystem32jscript.dll’

Please contact Kaspersky Lab For the solution, (err=00000005)



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Hi experts,

After the updating the ZoneAlarm firewall, I have a problem with the Toshiba power saver utility on my laptop. I think the ZoneAlarm firewall has created some problem. How to solve this error? Can I able to revert back to original version? Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Please help. Thanks.

A Fatal error has occurred. This program will be terminated. code: 0x5

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I have an SD Card loaded with images, songs, documents, etc. But recently I can't access any of it. It could not be open and I think that my SD Card has a virus. How can I remove the virus? Is it even possible to scan a removable device for a virus? Please guide me on removing the virus. I do not want to lose my files. Thanks.


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Good day!

I am using the application called Virgin Media Security for my firewall.

However, I am getting error messages when I attempt to open it. I blocked an .exe file because it is coming from my drive D that only has files and not applications.

When I did that, I was unable to locate the path although the Hidden folders option has already been enabled.

There are online companies that offer their software to fix this virus, however I am not really sure of its legality. It may be a scam. I have updated my security software and the scan also did not pose any harm on the computer.

I am now lost of what to do to fix this issue.

Please assist.

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I receive this error message in Windows.

The error code is 0xc0070643 could you please let me know on how to avoid this?


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I'm quite confident that my software firewall, which is installed by default in my computer, has done its job well. But why do we need a hardware firewall? Are there vulnerabilities in a software firewall that hardware firewall don't have? How will I know if I'll have to use a hardware firewall or stick to my software firewall?

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How can it positively affect my computer in terms of protection, if I keep my soft Firewall(APF) running while having a Hardware Firewall as well?

Or should I stop my soft Firewall(APF)?

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Hi! Some of the clients in my network required to gain full network access. I want to be sure they have the Windows Firewall enabled when I do this. Is there any way to check if they have installed the most recent Windows updates? 

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Hello, TechyV!

My laptop comes with Windows Defender with an automatic update feature. Recently I allowed the latest updates but after downloading I got the following error message on my taskbar.

Some forums I have read say to try uninstalling Windows Defender and installing it again. Even if that solves the update error, wouldn't I lose those last updates in the first place? Suggestions are much welcome, thanks! 


Windows Defender

Windows Defender was unable to complete the update:


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