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Hardware Components

Hardware Components

There is a problem in my PC which is partly my fault but I hope someone can guide me on how to correct it.

The problem is that my PC won’t boot because I installed a RAM chip while the PC was booting up. It turns on but wont boot I tried to make sure everything was fine and restore it but my CD drive won’t work either which means I can’t use the factory restore disk.

Does this mean I destroyed my motherboard or something or is there a problem with the RAM? Any help would be deeply appreciated

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Thanks in advance for anyone answering.

Well I was hoping someone can tell me what is the safe temperature for over clocking a Pentium 4 1.8GHZ since I have an Old one at home which I want to over clock.

Also I have read posts which say that to over clock it you just need to mess with the FSB, so is this true or should I change something else as well.

My CPU runs around 48-55C these days, and I have to tell you I do have the option to lock agp and pci speed if that is of any help.

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I am experiencing an error problem with booting on my desktop. Each time I try to start it on, on the black screen, it would appear an error message " Detecting IDE Drives…". And it would not anymore boot up or start or proceed to Windows XP. In the past, I would just press "Control + ALT + Del" and it would start up already and proceed to WIndows.

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I enjoy playing games using my computer. It's my past time and my way to relax.

But I think this is the cause of the computer error I encountered. I am just not sure if it is a virus or some computer error really. After playing a game with my computer, I would shut it down already.

But instead of it being shut down, it would restart automatically. It would go to the basic when turning on the computer, and would ask you if you would want to turn it on a safe mode. I would choose the normal mode but after pressing enter, it would simply turn off again. I don't know what's wrong or why it kept on going back like a loop.

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I use a thermal monitoring program and it started to show something disturbing for two days. It says the CPU temperature is 116C. When I play games, it crashes sometimes and after the crash, I see that weird reading. Is it the program that is showing wrong reading or is it really the GPU?

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Please help me. Every time I turn on my computer the computer will starts then shuts down after 3-5 seconds.


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I have one question and I will be very grateful if you help me.

I am hesitating between two video controllers:

ATi HD3650, 1GB PowerColor, AGP8x, DDR2, 128bit, DVI, TV Out

ATi HD4670, 1GB PowerColor, AGP8x, DDR3, 128bit, DVI,

My video slot is AGB x8 on Asus K8V-X SE Motherboard. So my question is can my Motherboard use DDR3 memory?

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My PC was working fine before the problem occurred.

When I press the power button the power led lights up but then nothing happens.

The HDD led blinks once or twice then nothing at all but the power led remains on.

Any idea how to solve this?

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Whenever I try to play a game or do anything with any of the adobe software, after running for 10 minutes or so, the program crashes and says something like "memory location could not be read".

I have tried re-installing windows but the problem remains. So I guess it's a hardware problem. I desperately need help on this please!

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