Increasing Noise in my Cool Master 450 Watts Power Supply

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Lately my power supply has started up more than the usual fan noise. I tried almost everything I know like opening it up and cleaning it up with a blower but the damn noise won’t stop. I even installed a software that will help me reduce my fan speed as my pc is in an air conditioned room and won’t need much cooling but sadly my motherboard won’t support that option.

The weirdest part is that the noise slowly increases when I turn on my computer and after sometime it is unbearable. It’s a cooler master 450 watt power supply with a large size bearing fan.

Any help will be deeply appreciated.

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Increasing Noise in my Cool Master 450 Watts Power Supply


Hello Isabel!

I know what you mean, it’s really hard to relax in front of your computer when you can hear noise from it seems you are already certain that this noise is coming from your power supply and not something else in your tower? If that’s the case you did the right steps to begin with. You didn’t mention how old your power supply is but since it is a cooler master 450W, it is something that ruled in the past. Anyway, let’s go ahead and try some solutions that may help to resolve your current problem.

Here are some solutions that are helpful and should be tried out:

  1. You mentioned that you cleaned it with a blower and it still remains noisy? Did you take it out before cleaning or just did this from the outside? There is a chance that simply cleaning from the outside doesn’t really solve the problem, it looks cleaner but there could be hairs stuck in the center that you failed to remove. You’ll have to take the power supply out completely, remove the cover and clean it thoroughly. Make sure that you don’t accidentally disconnect something. When you put it back double-check everything to make sure that you didn’t lose a screw or leave anything inside.
  2. Check all the connectors. A lose connector could cause some problems for you. Check all the cables and make sure they are tight and secure, especially the DVI cable before turning your computer back on. When you do turn it on, listen to see if something is misplaced. Check if all the devices connected to are running good. Especially all the fans. By the way is it a chirping noise? Or just a noisy fan?
  3. Do you run several programs on your computer? Are there times that your PC suddenly shuts down? These could be signs that you need a power supply with a higher wattage. This is a common problem for gamers. It may be a good time for an upgrade.
  4. You can also try to bypass or decouple to reduce the noise that is coming from your power supply. There are several articles on the internet to do this. To find them just do a simple search with Google and use “decouple” or “bypass” with the words “power supply” and you will see them. These are really good ways to reduce the power supply noise.
  5. You’ve already tried installing software to lower the RPM of your power supply fan and it does not work. This could be that you downloaded a software that is not compatible with your system. Check the requirements of the software before installing or downloading or simply find out your motherboard specs and PC specs before searching, so you can make sure you find one that supports it.
  6. The last and final resort, if all else fails is to disconnect your power supply. Remove it from your tower, put it in a box. Pick up the phone and order a new one. It really does look like your power supply has outlived it’s usefulness and now wants to go to power supply heaven. They are rather cheap so this won’t be an impact financially, and it would be a good chance to get something stronger.

Thanks for your time! I hope these helped!

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Increasing Noise in my Cool Master 450 Watts Power Supply


When the circuit board of the power supply gets short circuited or a component in the power supply gets damaged, these kinds of noises could be generated. Only solution for this is, repairing the power supply. You must do this soon, if not the power supply will get fully damaged.

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