Computer always restarts after playing a game

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I enjoy playing games using my computer. It's my past time and my way to relax.

But I think this is the cause of the computer error I encountered. I am just not sure if it is a virus or some computer error really. After playing a game with my computer, I would shut it down already.

But instead of it being shut down, it would restart automatically. It would go to the basic when turning on the computer, and would ask you if you would want to turn it on a safe mode. I would choose the normal mode but after pressing enter, it would simply turn off again. I don't know what's wrong or why it kept on going back like a loop.

The remedy I would do is turn it off by unplugging the CPU. When I turn it on again after a few minutes, it would function normally already. But once I play a game again, it would again go back to the same error. I am afraid that my computer would eventually break down because of this error. It only happens after playing a game with the computer. But if I just use it for surfing the net or other applications, it works just fine. Can you please help me fix this problem.

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Computer always restarts after playing a game


Hi! liana2505,

Here are  my solutions for your problem.

Turn off the Automatic Restart. Follow the following steps:

1. Log in to Safe Mode,
2. Right click on My Computer
3. Properties
4. On the Advanced Tab, click Settings under Startup and Recovery.
5. Uncheck the box with Automatically Restart
6. Click OK
7. Then restart your system in normal mode.

Set the Standby and Monitor to turn off in Safe Mode method. Here's the steps for System Standby:

1. Log in to safe mode,
2. Right click desktop
3. Properties
4. Screensaver
5. Power
6. In Power Schemes tab look down to System Standby then from the drop down list click NEVER.
7. Click Apply and OK.

Here's the steps for Monitor Settings:

1. Right click on Desktop
2. Properties
3. In the Screensaver Tab
4. Click Power
5. In the Turn off monitor drop down list and click NEVER.
6. Click OK and Apply.
7. Then restart your system.

Solve by System Restore -Run your PC in Safe Mode(F8), press and hold F8 during the initial startup. Then follow these steps:

1. At the Windows Advanced Option – Select Safe Mode and press ENTER.
2. Select the Operating System and press Enter. When you are already in Safe Mode, the Desktop Dialog Box will open.
3. So, click NO to run the System Restore.
4. Select "Restore my computer to an earlier time" and click Next.
5. In the calendar, choose a day before when your computer worked in a good condition and click NEXT.

If you are playing online games, you can also get viruses from them. Most symptoms of having viruses will automatically restart the computer. So all you have to do is to scan your computer using updated anti-virus. Make sure that your anti-virus is updated and update it regularly so you can avoid viruses.

One more thing you can do is to remove the memory RAM and clean it before you insert it. If you have dual or more memory RAM, do it individually. Don't insert them together. Check them one by one. Just make sure no one have a problem. If any of it have a  problem remove it and replace.

There is also a solution for your problem using disk cleanup. Please follow these steps:

1. Go to Start, All Programs,
2. Select Accessories,
3. Select System Tools
4. Then select Disk Cleanup. Wait after the scanning ends. After the scanning Disk Cleanup Box will open
5. Select all the boxes
6. Click OK
7. Then select Yes.
8. When the Disk Cleanup utility done cleaning up and the disk cleanup disappear.
9. Restart your computer.

Sometimes playing games on your computer for a long hours makes the cause for this problem. It can be overheating or your processor can't handle. So you need to set the game to the lower level of graphics. Follow these steps:

1. On the desktop
2. Right click and click Properties
3. Click the Settings tab. On your Color Quality Scroll it down and choose medium (16 bit)
4. Click Apply then OK.
5. Then restart your computer.

And another solution is to check your fan on the processor if it is working properly or not. You have to make sure that the fan is working and clean. If not you will have to clean it or replace it. Because with that, your processor or motherboard will be overheating. Software problems can be the cause in that case. If you had the latest downloads before it happened all you have to do is to un-install that software. Here are the steps:

1. Go to start, click Control Panel.
2. Click Add/Remove Programs.
3. Then select for the software that you have downloaded before automatically restart was happen.
4. And do remove those software that your not using anymore.
5. Then restart your computer.

I just hope that these methods will help your problem.

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Computer always restarts after playing a game


Hi! Liana,

  • May be due to insufficient RAM speed or you may accidentally deleted some files.(reinstall the game).
  • RAM speed can checked by browsing system requirements for that game and increase the speed of the RAM (if necessary).

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