Why are iPhone applications so expensive to code?

Why are iPhone applications so expensive to code?

Why are iPhone applications so expensive to code? iPhone is the latest buzz in the communication world. People can be ambivalent towards Apple, but it’s impossible to be ambivalent about the iPhone these days.

The gadget is so cool that every hand needs to hold it but think for just one second that what’s the use of iPhone without cool applications?

It is the compelling and attractive applications, which make the iPhone even better. In this connection, the developers have the big task to cope with the needs of users. In today’s demanding industry, there is an immense want of new applications every day. So here comes the catch!

The simple formula of demand and supply hits the wall here.

More people demand something, more is its worth. This obviously necessitates a very high price for the iPhone developers.  That is just one simple reason for application developers to charge lots of money for coding.  Quite ironically, there’s extremely nothing “greedy” about it.

The coding horror

Out of many reasons for the high cost of coding, one has to be the “time” factor. These iPhone applications are not that easy that any Tom, Dick or Harry can work them out instantly. They require a pretty long hours and extensive work.  It also depends on the work pace of a developer. The industry has all types of people. There are some who have done the serious iPhone development but you can also find a gazillion with little knowledge.

And a little knowledge is always a dangerous thing, that’s what some famous quote said. Anyhow, coming back to the point, the witty experienced developers also need a good amount of time to work on the coding.

According to a random survey, it requires at least 160 hours for development and fair 40 hours for design. Moreover, it is also believed that customization of graphics and design can take a lot of extra time. Another aspect which cannot be overlooked is the sort of application which is underdevelopment. Additionally the performance issues also plunge in, which obviously stretch the time band. The time is automatically coupled with the money. A good iPhone developer is likely to cost around $150 p/h (AU/US).

The experts will cost you higher but it is guaranteed that you will get a quality product that way. So this is how, the coding of iPhone application costs a lot to the users. Simply you get what you pay for and finding someone who has the knack of this work is worth it.  Apart from coding, there are also other costs which many developers don’t take into consideration.

The Nature of Applications

Another major element which adds to the cost of applications is the nature of different applications. Some of the very common applications are:

  • Speed dial
  • Password Generator
  • My Google
  • Bonefire
  • Zip Weather
  • Reaction Time
  • iDrum

This was just to name a few out of the large pool of applications available for iPhone. Essentially, every application has somewhat different phenomenon attached with it, which indirectly links with the cost.

Regards Sharath Reddy

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