MacBook Pro 15-inch: Its Features and Value


MacBook Pro 15-inch: Its Features and Value

Here presenting a new MacBook notebook, powered by i5 family processor and, its features.

Apple products always have a pre-launch, to reveal it features, and a display to the public about the product to be launched in market. Apple always receives a high attention in the market, by the quality of products, which it delivers.

Either it is the iphone, ipads, ipods or the laptops. iphones and ipads received a much high attention, then the MacBook Pro. It may seem a strange thing, but it has to digest. The primary factor responsible, for the success of the ipads, and iphone launch, was their beautiful design. On the other hand, MacBook Pro is having the same look, since 2008 which is a major thing that is responsible, for the less attention by the audience. That doesn’t mean, the product is not worth it. If the product wasn’t worth mentioning, it would not be able to make up here.

When it comes to a computer, the first thing comes in mind is its specifications, so let’s go to the product specifications. Having a screen size of 15.4 inch, MacBook Pro features an Intel core i5 processor, having a speed of 2.4 GHz, and 4 GB DDR3 RAM, with a disc space of 320 GB. The new i series processors, announced in January by Intel, have ended the era of Core 2 Duo processors. The i series processors, have the power of Intel’s Turbo Boost Technology, which can change the clock speed, according to the thermal management capability of the system. It also allows two simultaneous threads to be processed in parallel, which is known as Hyper Threading.

MBP (MacBook Pro) have 2 GPU’s in it. One is the integrated onboard Intel HD graphics card, using 288 MB RAM, and the other one, GeForce GT330M by NVIDIA having 256 MB of RAM. Apple has implemented a very intelligent technology, to switch between the two graphic cards as needed. This gives power efficiency to the device. It also features inertial scrolling, which is also found in magic mouse, iphone and the ipods. This prevents scrolling to stop immediately, and gradually slow it down.

Now we come to that feature, which had not changed much till now. That is the MPB still has an aluminum body, which is a Uni-Body casing. It has sharp edges, so to be handled carefully. The MBP still don’t have a HDMI port. The LED backlit display is a big addition, having a great contrast and a deep black color, and the resolution 1440*990 seems a bit odd. We also have an option, to upgrade it to a more high resolution display of 1680*1050. This aspect is however not liked by all.

The chicklet keyboard is one of the features, most loved by all. It’s nice to work on it. The new i series processors used in this MacBook have a very good performance rating. Overall this laptop is rated 7 out of 10 where the detailed analysis is as below:-

Features                           7.0/10

Performance                     7.5/10

Built Quality                     8.0/10

Value for money               5.5/10

It comes with a price tag of 1, 09,900 rupees which is a good buy for professionals.


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