Top 10 Wearable Tech Gadgets In The Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry and the medical field, in general, come from a long from its invention of the first penicillin. Now, we have gadgets that are wearable over your body or skin and give virtual data about the purpose of wearing. This wearable technology in combination with the disciplines of medicine has top 10 best tech gadgets that are beneficial for patients and their caregivers.


ADAMM is a wearable technology from Healthcare Originals to understand and monitor one’s asthma effectively. ADAMM won the WT / Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup in 2015-16 for the Healthcare and Wellness domains. The gadget must is wearable for detecting symptoms of asthma. Your Smartphone app manages the data and a web portal to gives the necessary treatment suggestions. The device and the app alert you at times of asthma and provide the right information tracked from your treatment plans.

2. HEALTH PATCH MD: The Healthcare Patch MD is a new technology for doctors to keep vital information about their patients. The Patch MD is a biosensor that is reusable and can be disposed of after use. It also has ECG electrodes and three accelerometers for tracking the heart rate, respiration rates, temperature, and also, the body’s position if a person falls. The Bluetooth-enabled device connects with any mobile to get real-time data via a biosensor.


Chrono Therapeutics is the new smart wristwatch to quit smoking. The sensor-enabled watch detects the changes in your body and will stop your desire for smoking cigarettes or nicotine. It also gives medicines to the individual to help them stop smoking.

4. iT BRA:

Cyrcadia Health’s iT Bra is a smart inner for tracking the breast health. The sensors in the clothing track the conditions and rhythms of breast tissues to give alerts for cancer. The bra has been tested for more than 500 patients and got 87% success feedback.


Science believes that inactivity and constant sitting are two of the reasons leading to an ulcer. Leaf Healthcare has designed the Ulcer Sensor to alert individuals for moving around and do something productive. The accelerometer in the sensor will monitor the position of the person and assist them for turning in proper ways. The device is beneficial for patients admitted to hospitals. The caretaker is also additionally given notification alerts when the patient does not act accordingly with the sensor.


Proteus Digital Health is a small wearable sensor patch for tracking health patterns and medications. The Proteus has a companion app with a provider portal. Patients can monitor their medication pattern, and also, the doctors can increase or decrease the medicine dosages as per the requirement.


Quell Relief is wearable technology in the brace and has a companion app to give relief from knee pain. Quell Relief’s Bluetooth is compatible with iOS devices to activate the app. With a full charge, the gadget gives you 40 hours of pain relief. There is an electrode in the brace, and by pushing the button, the electrode is activated.


Valedo Back Therapy is wearable for those who suffer from lower back problems. Valedo is an interactive video game for the user to perform exercises. A small device attaches onto the patient’s back with a sensor that stores the data, which are later accessible through a mobile app.


The Michigan University researchers created a wearable device to examine and collect circulating tumor cells in the blood termed Cancer Cell Detect. A patient must wear the device on their wrist to collect the blood samples and get results within a few hours.


The waterproof, bandage-like Sweat-Sensor informs an athlete about the loss of water and electrolytes. The innovative patch collects and analyzes the athletes’ perspiration, while exercising and even during swimming. The material has tiny holes for the sweat droplets to enter in it. The sweat analysis technology detects and alerts the wearer about when they have to take water and electrolyte.


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