Top 10 Technologies Of Robotic Healthcare

As everyone already knew, the uses of robots and other effective technologies that arise from the basics of robotic mechanisms is always a hit. This way, the healthcare systems are growing much more vibrant and powerful by the use of robots for operations and other medical systems for patients. There exist medical robots from health care policy makers. We are going to look into the same, take the following best top ten healthcare systems that appoint or invent robots for medical programming.

1. MICROBOT MEDICALThe Microbot develops devices for the surgeon for their surgical essentials. Microbot uses the micro-robotics, medical technologies. They produce and design new technologies for the surgeries that are for performing very accurately.

2. TITAN MEDICALTitan Medical creates new robotic surgical technologies, which is basing upon Toronto, Canada. It develops sport surgical technology for surgery in the abdominal and urological areas of the medical field.

3. DA VINCI SURGICAL SYSTEMSThe Da Vinci surgical system is under the control by a clinical surgeon, and it obeys the surgeon’s hand movement to do a perfect surgery like heart and thyroid problems. The Da Vinci system is now available worldwide. This surgical system was invented by the famous Leonardo Da Vinci, who is well known for his study of human anatomy.


The Cyber Knife is useful for treatments of tumors like cancer or non-cancer melanomas. Unlike regular radiation therapy, this uses robotic radiations for protocols. Radiation is used in an appropriate point of cancer to treat it without damaging other areas as well.


Senhance Robot shows the 3D view of the place to treat. Senhance which was made by TransEnterix has features like with the help of the robotic arm, the tissues feel stiffness when they under the operation. The device was later made for approval by the Food and Drug Administration present in the US.


Robear is a nursing assistant robot, especially for elderly people. The nursing robot developed by the Japan Medical Research Company called RIKEN-SRK, helps the patient to lift from the bed and to sit down in wheel chairs.


The Rehabilitation robots help in people suffering from strokes, neurobehavioral, spinal injuries and other traumatic brain disorders. The robot will guide them in coordination and strength. By combining virtual reality within the robot, the patients could improve well better in their normal functions.


The Human Genome Project is useful in DNA researches. In February 2001, the first Human Genome Project was for publication. From that research, scientists said that with this HGP they could diagnose cancer and diabetes even before the patients start developing the symptoms.


Hansen Medical is from the Silicon Valley in California. There are two types of Medical Robots in Hansen-one is Magellan robotics and the other, Sensei X robots which are useful for cardiac and vascular surgeries.


Professor Robert MacLaren performed his first robotic eye surgery at the John Radcliffe hospital. He took the use of the remote-controlled robot for lifting even very tiny membrane from the retina.


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