Top 10 software for developers


Top 10 software for developers


Most of the readers will find it surprising to see this developer tool at the top of the list. But SQLite is definitely worth it. It is possibly the most used open source software around the world. It features embedded SQL which is used by a number of free and paid software’s.

Applications such as iTunes, acrobat reader, iOS, Firefox and Adobe air popularly use it. SQLite is having a public domain, which means it can be used for any purpose. The syntax of SQLite is most similar to MySQL. This software is used in millions of devices. Thus; it is the topper in the list.


The default compiler used in the UNIX-like systems, which supports a wide number of programming languages, OS, and different architectures. It is the major tool used to compile the Linux software from source.

Git/ TortoiseGit

It is the system to control version information for the Linux kernel developers. This software is developed by Linus Torvalds himself. This software is widely used for social coding sites, like Github and Gitorious, which are also open source and free projects. Git repositories are managed through a GUI by TortoiseGit.


LLVM is the Low Level Virtual Machine supporting a number of languages. It is a new compiler interface, which is a tool for compiling Flash to an iOS application. This software is also able enough to optimize the code and is able to work with GCC. This is an important tool used by Apple also.


It is a most popular IDE capable of developing in a wide variety of languages, like C/C++, COBOL, PHP, and Ruby. This software is free and open source. The developers are improving it with each new release. The software is highly extensible and has proved itself as a good base for many IDEs.


The software enables developers to prove their developing talent and create desktop applications for different platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, using the web-developing languages and the tools available. The applications of Adobe Air installs on the computer where AIR is installed runtime and could be written in HTML, CSS flash and many more.


Likely the most loved JavaScript library used for developing the web applications. This software has a very small-sized code but has a lot of features in it. This software makes working with HTML documents, an easy task. It is also widely used in Non-HTML DOM environments. This software is accepted by the leading companies like Google, Microsoft, and Nokia.


Qt, now been taken over by Nokia, is a SDK platform that lies behind the KDE desktop environments which is used for Linux. It helps developers to create different applications for almost all OS with the same look but different codes behind.


This is software being used for some really big applications, such as the Firefox. TortoiseHg helps provide a GUI for handling Mercurial repositories. This software can also be integrated into many other important developer tools.


Emacs and the Vi, are general text editors which are highly liked by the experienced programmers and also by intruders. This software generally uses a keyboard and favors a good typing speed.


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