Top 10 Best Investment Portfolio Management Software

Maintaining a portfolio becomes difficult for people as they indulge in the works of mutual funds and exchange trading programs. The portfolio management helps examine the returns from the investments, allocation of assets, preparing plans for retirements, and other significant works related to trading investments. These works related to trading and mutual fund is essential to everyone. However, it becomes difficult after some time to manage a large number of investment tracking works and documents and thus affects the management of the portfolio. Depending on the personnel’s assistance, sometimes become hectic, so why not complete these works through the help of software? Yes, there is much software available for people for tracking portfolio and management of wealth. Let us have a look at the top ten best investment portfolio management software.


Personal capital is the most comprehensive tool for investments and management of portfolios. This software is efficient enough to run on a computer as well as Android devices. The software is useful to the customers in analyzing the cash flow of the operations and calculation of the net worth. Furthermore, the software avails its users with the option of planning retirement and analyzing the accounting fees. Besides, the users can also review their allocation of assets through the help of the software tools.


Simple to use and handy instrument, Quicken Premier 2019 is a software that is used by people for decades as of now. The software helps its users in analyzing their investments and their portfolios. This application has brilliant features for allowing the users to sync their debt accounts as well as investment accounts. Furthermore, it is a comprehensive platform for the users in the management of the budgets and debts, along with the cash.


Well-known for tracking the incomes and expenses, Mint is the most useful application for the management of money and investment portfolios. The software has brilliant features for the categorization of business expenses as well as income. This application avails its users with comprehensive tools for managing credit scores, bill payment, and budget management. Furthermore, the software is much suitable for novice investors.


Another software for investment portfolio management that finds its position in this list of top ten best investment portfolio management software is Stocks Portfolio Manager. Stocks Portfolio Manager is a software that is efficient enough to run on iOS and is freely available to the users for download and installation. The software is helpful in the calculation of profit, loss, account values, allocation of money, and returns. Furthermore, the users can also keep a constant check upon their stocks with the help of watch lists.


Morning Portfolio Manager is the application used for the analysis of stocks, cash, and bonds. The software avails its users to get valuable insights for the diversification of stock styles and the breakdown of stock styles and sectors. The software is useful for the users for the management of the shares, commission, purchase, and securities. Further, the software provides the users with the option of the “Tacking” lab, which displays the fluctuations in percentage and prices.


BankTree is another online software that allows users to manage their investment portfolios. The software BankTree is one of the comprehensive tools that are available for the users of computers as well as Android users. The software provides users a platform where they can track their financial investments and their stocks. The software avails users with the options for recording the incomes and expenditures of the operations.


Helpful in syncing the accounts for investment, the software SigFig Portfolio Tracker is another software for the management of investment portfolios. This software avails users with the features for reporting dashboards and is available in the form of application to the Android users. The users can take benefit of the options for live chat for establishing a meaningful conversation with the partners or clients.


StockRover Portfolio Management is a suitable application for the people concerned with the business of brokerage. Moreover, this software helps the users for analysis of portfolios and usage of spreadsheets for recording the data with the available instruments. Furthermore, the users can get their reports at any time, be it any day of the month. Besides, these monthly or weekly reports presents the users with the performance and analysis of their returns, incomes, and expenses.


Simple to use and powerful software for portfolio management, the software Moneyspire is available to the users fr free. The software Moneyspire is a powerful tool for the regulation of finances without the payment of high costs. The software helps provide reminders to the users for deposits and bill payments along with their scheduled bills. Furthermore, the software has extensive features for forecasting the future balances in the accounts.


The investment Account Manager is another comprehensive application suitable for money managers, investors, and professionals around the globe. More than three decades old software, Investment Account Manager is available to the users with excellent features for managing the investment portfolios and understanding the operations in depth.

The software is suitable for both professional investors and beginners. Furthermore, the software is user-friendly and easy to use.


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