Top 10 Best Cost Estimating Software For A Constructor

In today’s world, cost estimation software works hand-in-hand with engineers for finding a suitable price and saves your time from working manually. Estimation is a tire-some process wherein you need to mark the schedules, create plans, and later on, you can provide a detailed cost estimate. User can make a bid proposal and can compare with the correct price of the required materials. On continued reading, you will find the best cost estimating software you are looking for.

1. Sage

It is focused on the betterment of construction engineers for estimating cost without consuming much time. Oil and gas companies use them too. It can create 2D and 3D cost estimates. It will allow members of the team to make a detailed cost estimate. It is available with a tool-set comprising of the take-off tool. It includes the current pricing of manufacturing parts. Its features include updating records regularly, cut & fill feature to calculate the quantity required, and take-off feature for estimation of pricing through industry standards.

2. HCSS Heavy Bid

It is an estimating and bidding tool. Users can review the pricing because of its automated pricing feature. It is suitable for any company. And it offers library support wherein you find historical costs, integrated RSMeans, and performance data. You can work with difficult work with ease, and more than 50,000 estimators use this regularly. Even users can analyze subcontractor quotes and much more. Additionally… a user gets 24/7 customer care service. Windows XP, Windows 7 and later versions, and Web browser are supported. It can identify errors.

3. B2W Estimate

If you are looking for software with more options for integration with other software, then this is the right choice. It is designed for heavy constructors. It can calculate labor costs, manage bids, track subcontractors, etc. Its features include development and organizing estimates, works well with .NET and SQL, detailed cost estimation, and you can re-establish connection with the server with changes added to it. It works well with Windows 8 and later versions.

4. Candy

It is a robust cost estimating software with a lot of features. It focuses on every requirement, such as quantity take-off, pricing and planning a project, controlling at the site level, path planning, analytical estimation, forecasting, site valuation based on cash flow with the help of EVM, subcontractor valuation, and progress tracking. Windows 7 and later versions support this. It is available based on subscription.

5. Stack

It works well with your team members. It offers training sessions with different pricing plans, and students have discounts. It has features such as adding and storing plans and integrates with DropBox, Google Drive, Evernote, and OneDrive. You can define the price for it with pre-built tools. It includes in-depth lists of equipment, labor, materials, and customizable experience. Since it offers cloud services it is efficient for more users. Windows and Mac operating system supports this. Additionally, you get the STACK To-Go feature. It will determine the needed materials and labor equipment for industries.

6. ProEst

It offers an intuitive user-interface, which is similar to Microsoft office. It supports file formats that include AutoCAD, PDF, TIF, etc. It is suitable for many fields that include general contractors, concrete and masonry, residential, electrical, and mechanical. It includes RsMeans and All updates. It often enables construction teams to monitor and manage takeoffs, estimates, reports, and contracts, and information can be chared between any mobile devices at all times. Also, it will track the projects which you are working with along with pending ones.

7. On CenterIt focuses on bidding to generate more accurate values. Users can manage multiple projects with ease. It also comes with digitizer integration and file integration. It will offer you field access to provide data for labor management. Windows 7 and later versions support this software. It integrates well with Quick Bid, Excel, and much more, allowing it to estimate budget depending on varying needs. You also get to use RFI communication, construction planning, etc. It often offers you the winning bid.

8. Priosoft Contractor’s office

It is the most suitable software for any kind of builder ranging from residential to commercial purposes. It offers more professional tools to estimate their bids placed. A friendly user interface makes it more convenient for beginners. It is client friendly software where you get to do AIA billing that is the client can pay to depend on the level of work completed. It is easier to learn, and a user gets to use it freely for 15 days. It will satisfy the user as well as the client due to its on-time rendering of the budget.

9. Coconstruct

It offers a more suitable tool-set for better usage. You can create estimates, building specs, etc. It also gives more flexible pricing. It is designed for remodeling buildings. It includes features such as file-sharing, selection, creation of proposals, track ongoing projects, management of time, and much more. Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, AIX, Solaris, Unix, IBM OS/400, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 2000, Mac OS, Linux, and HP-UX is supported. It allows you to sync data as well and can converse to clients using email, text, and SMS. It offers more support with full customer satisfaction.

10. MeasureSquare

It works extensively on android and iOS platforms owing to its mobility. You can export and import CAD and Revit/BIM design software. If you are looking to work as a team that offers cloud-based services, then this is your go-to. It also gives you full information about cost estimates. It offers you onsite and website support. Additionally, it has single page PDF imports and take-off. Even you can duplicate units using this. It is a feature-packed software. Also, you can use the free-trial if you are willing to.


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