Top 10 Facts About The Search Engine Google

This article will focus on the top facts about our ever favorite search engine Google. We will be talking about those facts that most of the public is unaware of.

The list begins here:–

1. Google once stored on 4GB Hard Drives

Many years ago when Google was born in Stanford University, the company’s search engine algorithm was stored in 10 separate 4GB hard drives. Google had a link structure approach due to which it required a bit of space and at that time use of multiple hard drives was the only sound way of doing it. We should be grateful that nowadays micro sd cards are available also there is the availability of high capacity hard drives.

2. Goats mow the company lawns

A fair bit of land is occupied by Google at Mountain View and to maintain the scenic beauty of the place and to keep away from the growth of weeds the grass needs to be kept in right size from time to time. A herd of about 200 goats does the work within a week trimming the grass and making the land more fertile. Google confirms that the cost lawn mowers are almost the same but they find goats more environment-friendly and are cuter to watch reports claimed.

3. “Don’t Be Evil”

This may not be a hidden fact about Google, but the brand has a strange corporate moto – “Don’t be evil”. Paul Buchheit was the man behind suggesting this Moto to the company in the 2000s and was seen in Google’s 2004 IPO prospectus. The aim towards this Moto is to promote a company culture which avoids conflicts of interests and bias. In 2015 when the business was redesigned under the present Google’s parent brand Alphabet the Moto was changed to “Do the right thing”. Though the motto has been changed it should be brought into consideration that the central idea is still the same.

4. Backrub

Most of us call Google as Google itself and we have fed the same word in the dictionary but it was not true in initial years of Google. It was called Backrub when it was present on the servers of Stanford and at that time it consumed a lot of bandwidth. The search engine algorithm ranks and finds pages on the base of backlinks, therefore, the name Backrub.

The current Google is derived from a mathematical term “googol” which means 1 followed by hundred zeroes. According to the reports this name depicts the idea of Larry Page and Sergey Brin to organize a plethora of web-based data.

5. Stan a pet T-Rex

Mountain view headquarters is home to a lot of wired things like the Android Mascot a spaceship but the one with mentioning in our facts list was a T-Rex named Stan. A skeleton stands tall in the headquarters which was dug up not very far from the HQ. The skeleton appeared in the headquarters back in 2015 reminding employees of Google’s ongoing extinct.

6. Corkboard Garage Servers

Going back to earlier days of Google’s birth it was LEGO that helped to hold the essential technologies of it. As Larry Page and Sergey Brin were starting the business on a budget they had self-made servers with low-cost parts installed in them. Simple structures of Corkboards were used to insulate racks from the heating parts, although it did not stop components from failing that frequently. Then cheap and now company spends $3 Billion for the maintenance of servers alone.

7. Expansion at a Considerable Pace

As you may know that the early days were pretty basic but now the story is different Google has grown into one of the largest companies in the world. In this time Google has spent Billions of Dollars in acquiring different firms as many as 190 by the year 2016.

8. Early Google was slooooow

Talking about the speed of Google in those days was very slow as compared to today’s speed. In earlier implementations of the search algorithm for Google, it could crawl between certain indexes ranging between 30 to 50 pages per second but now it loads millions of pages per second.

9. Deal at Denny’s

After the deal was successful at 1.65 Billion US Dollars the earlier CEO of YouTube Eric Schmidt revealed that the executives from Google met at Denny’s to crack the deal as they found it as the neutral place for agreeing upon terms and conditions.

10. Pets at Premises

You are allowed to bring dogs to the office if it has a strong Bladder, well it feels lively in the google’s headquarters Although cats are discouraged due to the number of dogs present in the office. First ever company snack was a candy named “Swedish fish”


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