On February 22, 2012, Amazon has added an Accessory towards its already booming AWS (Amazon Web Service) that cloud offers as accommodating.  We do not always make comments on each and every invention that comes on the market but this one seems to be meaningful, especially because of who is achieving this!  The Service called Simple Workflow (SWF – Simple Workflow Service) undoubtedly is not related to the offer coming from Abode called Flash (despite the fact that technology ridicules may, at the outset, imagine so because of its ACRONYM).

In short, what should we say about it?  The trade-mark model is obviously appealing:  a smooth, a workflow that has arranged capacity that exists throughout many points of access.  Basically, with this, an organization will be able to arrange the processes in the cloud system, thereby connecting members up and down the market rate series.

“The Simple Workflow Service of Amazon (SWF) is a service that deals with the flow of work that builds climbing and flexible applications.  From the automation of enterprise series of actions towards finance or insurance applications, designing highly-developed information applications that analyze, or even administer cloud services on infrastructure, the SWF of Amazon integrates reliably many of the steps of series of actions inside an application”.

Although this may seem like big-time news for clients, the demon is still in the picture. When I, myself, tried to get into it, the explanations did have a tendency to be more questionable than the explanations they provide – by the time I came to the understanding that this was basically an extension of programming foundation to Amazon Web Service. Which means that to use the Simple Workflow Service of Amazon, one needs to have a rather intense ability in programming with a strong IT comprehension to be able to set-up for use.   Obviously, it is only normal that one is able to influence the remaining Amazon Web Service structure.

Being that this was a subject of discussion in the office, many think that this contribution will take time to a Business Process Management (BPM) Merchandise and does not deal with a lot of the BPM barriers that exist still – which have nothing to do with technology itself so far.  “BPM” and workflow are different things to begin with.

However, we can understand how new low-cost or open source BPM merchants and other equipment's would eventually influence this principle to develop the allocations of applications that are to the level of series of actions of business needs.  To my mind, SWF is far from being the average ‘competent user’ of enterprise consultants that perform analysis tasks.

 It may be that all this is done on purpose, the retail that is being developed, is to render Amazon the cloud principle for the organization of other equipment's and applications within BPM.  That is understood.  Therefore maybe the chance here is for the participants of BPM to design presentations for each other within this type of interface.  Needless to say that there are many merchants who are contemplating this concept at this very moment!


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