Details of Cloud computing security issue

Cloud computing security issue

Cloud computing safety or cloud security is developing sub-domain of computer security, network security and information security. The security issues of cloud computing falls into two broad categories: Security issues which cloud providers faced and security issues which customers faced.

The element of cloud security is the sum of three general sectors: first one is Security and Privacy, next Compliance, and last one is Legal or Contractual Issues.

Security and privacy:

For the surety of data security and data privacy, cloud providers maintain the subsequent parts:

Data security:

Considering protection, one customer’s data must be appropriately apart from another; it should be kept secure “at rest” time and it have to be movable from one area to another with security. Cloud providers follow some procedure to stop data leaks and access matters by third persons. Auditing and monitoring function always be kept in run by ensuring proper shifting of duties, even users who have special rights provided by cloud provider can do it.

Identity management:

Almost all enterprise has their own identity running procedure because of controlling the access of data as well as computing resources. The identity management method for a customer, is integrated by the cloud providers by using federation otherwise SSO technology and offers their own identity management result.

Physical as well as personnel security:

The providers make sure that physical engines are secured enough and what made contact to these engines like pertinent client data is restricted.


Cloud providers ensure the customers can make regular and predefined access over their data as well as their applications.

Application safety:

Cloud computing providers assure the customer that their applications always available and is secured by performing testing and valid procedures.


Last of all, providers assure that all sensitive data as like credit card figures are protected and simply authorized users are allowed to access to their data.


Numerous regulations require everyday reporting and need a log of audit follows. Cloud providers make able their clients to agree with these rules.

Business stability and data recovery:

Business stability and recovery of data is provided by the cloud providers in the event of an unwanted issue or an urgent situation and for that if any data found lost, it will be improved.

Logs with audit trails:

Within the section of logs as well as audit trails procedure, cloud providers ensure their customer that all the logs are appropriately secured, served for the client requires.

Legal and contractual matters:

Along with the security as well as compliance issues described above, cloud suppliers and customers also need to know the terms of liability and intelligent property.


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